The Catholic Church forbids circumcision for any reason!
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Michelle Arnold wrote something that sums up my view on this:

Quote:Circumcision was established by God and practiced by God's people in obedience to him for thousands of years until it was superceded by baptism. Given that, we must assume that God would not establish a ritual for his people that can be considered deliberate mutilation and thus intrinsically immoral.

Even so, parents who object to non-therapeutic circumcision have the right to refuse to circumcise their sons as a matter of conscience. They should, however, take care not to make their arguments against circumcision in such ways that it casts aspersion on the legitimate choice of other parents to circumcise.

Well, I most definitely agree that most --  surely just about ALL -- parents who circumcise their sons aren't acting out of malice or some nefarious motives, and I think anti-circ folks, such as me, need to be very careful to not cast aspersions on the characters and motives of parents who do circumcise. I think most folks simply don't think about the issue. It's "what's done." It's what their family does. It was done to them, so they do it their kids -- a habit, almost. It's understandable; most folks are pretty "unthinking." It's just the way it is. And most folks love their kids; that's how nature made us.

For ex., I don't think at ALL that my own parents, who had my brothers circumcised, were bad parents, or evil, etc. I do believe they were wrong, and if I'd been in the position to try to talk them out of it when my brothers were going to be circumcised, I certainly would have tried. But I know my parents (R.I.P.) and I know they loved us kids and never did anything to us out of malice.

Well thank God, we can finally agree on something for a change. Yeah I have no problem with parents who choose not to do it, because of what their conscience tells them. It's their prerogative and I believe they are doing it in their child's best interests.

I'm pro-vaccine (to a point, some are pointless and dangerous in my opinion) and my fiancee's parents didn't vaccinate their kids. I don't view them as bad and I do disagree with their choice, but their parents did all their own research and did what they felt was best for their kids. Their kids are all I'm certainly not going to still tell them they did the wrong thing and all kids should be vaccinated. I think given the environment they were safe to make the choice, but I still wouldn't have done it, however it was their choice and I don't think any less of them cause of it.

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