The Catholic Church forbids circumcision for any reason!
(02-28-2014, 09:58 PM)lumine Wrote: Are you saying that this was done against your will and you were held down and it was forced on you at a time in your life when you could remember it vividly? That would constitute sexual assault.

Well, my body remembered it, as I had a dream as a toddler that I cannot explain in any other way.  Again, it is entirely irrelevant that I don't have a conscious memory of it.  I did not give my consent, therefore it was done against my will.  

Quote:If it was done to you as an infant with the permission of your parents, then it wasn't rape or sexual assault.

Parents do not have the right to proxy authorize mutilation.  My parents did not have the right to give permission.  A question for you.  When parents decide to give permission for their infant daughters to be mutilated, is it not rape or assault because they are too young to remember it or because their parents gave the ok?  Is the FGM act, which is current US law, erroneous in defining such mutilation as assault?

Quote:I don't know what about it makes you feel dirty (sexually speaking?), and you certainly were not emasculated. Violated?  Not if it was done to you with permission from your parents.

I feel dirty because I was violated.  I feel dirty because it was done because my doctor and my parents had the perception that the foreskin is something bad and needed to be removed.  I was emasculated because part of what was physically male was considered worthless and condemned.  Again, my parents had no authority to give their permission.  It was authority they did not have, so their permission does not free them from the guilt of violation.  If a child has no right to the body he was born with, because he can't remember and he can't say no, then any argument for a child's right to not be aborted falls completely flat.

Quote:I don't know what triggered all of this in you, but you have issues to deal with or you will needlessly burden yourself.

If my burden somehow results in parents who want to circumcise their sons from being legally forced not to, then I guess the burden would have been worth it.  

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