The Catholic Church forbids circumcision for any reason!
It didn't happen overnight.  I started each day struggling to control emotions, struggling to find normal, just doing things step by step.  My family was there for me and held me up when I wanted to falter.  Then, one day I went to mass again - the first time in at least a year.  Something inside me crumbled and I cried and cried.  I went to confession and cried some more.  Then God reached into me and gave me strength I didn't know was possible.  I figured myself out, calmed down, and even went back to the college where it had happened.  I hated a lot of my time there but I finished what I had started and even met my husband on campus.  There were days when I didn't want to go back, even talked about withdrawing.  So much of the campus held memories of what had happened.  I never attended my own graduation; I had no desire to do so.  My mom once asked me why I went back.  I told her that there was no way that SOB was going to deprive me of the education I wanted.  I wasnt going to be run off campus.  A lot of it was pure stubborn force of will but I got through what I needed to to earn my own self respect back.

Along the way I realized that trauma doesn't define us unless we let it.  If you want it to, it can make you a stronger, better person.  These trials are little crosses.  If we wallow in self pity, we are not emulating Christ are we?  The key is to give all our pain and all our suffering to Him and let Him teach us and help us grow from it.

I think perhaps you put too much emphasis on your penis as the definition of your manhood.  Sure, it is part of it.  But your character, your faith, and your honor are far more important.  If you lost your penis in a tragic accident, you would still be a man because of everything else.  Wouldn't it be better to focus on the rest?

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