The Catholic Church forbids circumcision for any reason!
When you have kids every single decision you make with your baby is judged harshly. 

Breastfeed in public?  You're a disgrace. 

Formula feed?  How dare you deprive your baby of nature's perfect nutrition. 

Vaccinate?  You're subjecting your baby to tons of CHEMICALS they might not be able to process. 

Anti-vax?  You're part of the problem and a threat to herd immunity. 

Stay at home mom?  You must twiddle your thumbs and color with your kids all day.  You have the sweet life!

Working mom?  You must not love your baby enough to stay home.

Cry it out?  Oh my God, how can you let your child cry?  your kid is going to end up with attachment issues and resent you for life!

Co-sleep?  You're going to roll over on the baby and KILL it.

Sending your kids to school:  Your kids are going to lose their souls once they're indoctrinated into secular ways of thinking.

Homeschooling:  But what about...SOCIALIZATION

Gentle discipline:  How can you let your children run wild and walk all over you?

Spanking?  **Shudder**  *backs away slowly*  Better save up for therapy now while you still can.

You get the picture.  Really, I'm tired of people going on and on judging each other's parenting decisions.  It's like no matter what you do as a mom, you can't win and there's always some Judge Judy giving you the stink-eye at playgroup because if you really loved your children, you wouldn't do that.  We're living in a time when no one feels confident to raise their kids and follow their instincts.  Instead, we look to books, TV experts, and websites on the internet touting various studies to inform our choices.  Instead of focusing on important stuff like instilling virtue in your children, helping them to be kind to others, giving them a work ethic, and forming their SOULS, people focus on these extraneous choices.  And I think in the grand scheme of things, circumcision is extraneous.  There are always going to be some outliers who insist that being spanked as kids ruined their life, or kids who really WERE rolled over and suffocated because Mom thought it was best to co-sleep.  And it sounds like from this thread, there are some men that seem to be bothered by their circumcisions.  But this is the first time I've ever heard such complaints and I have a hard time believing it has a major effect on most men, or most of their wives.  I don't think there is one early parenting decision that is going to make-or-break your child's entire life--aside from the occasional outlier.

God has only blessed us with girls so far, but my husband and I have talked about what we'd do if it was a boy and I have said that it is 100% up to him.  He's the one with the male equipment and thus I think he's more equipped to make the decision.  In the 70's when my husband was born, circumcision was "the thing to do" and everyone did it because their parents did it and it was a common medical practice.  I wouldn't have any problem if my husband wanted to circumcise because his parents made that decision.  Lord knows that so many parenting decisions I make are the same ones my mother and grandmother made.  I think circumcising the way it's done in pediatrician's offices is outdated medicine, but I think it is different from the type of religious circumcisions that the Church forbids.  I wouldn't look down on a Christian who did it unless they had a bris or something weird like that, and I certainly would not compare it to rape or abortion.

I wonder what some of the anti-circ people think about getting your daughter's ears pierced in infancy.  It's poking a hole that doesn't need to be there just for the purposes of looking pretty.  I chose not to have my daughter's ears pierced and my husband's side of the family still asks me when I'm finally going to have her pierced.  What does an infant need with a piercing?  Why stop at ears, why not eyebrow rings, tongue rings, belly button rings and the like?  I don't see why you'd want to pierce your baby girl's ears.  I'd worry that the baby would just pull the earrings off and choke on them.  I got my ears pierced for my 9th birthday and I took care of the piercings myself.  Then in my teen years, I went to this horrible alternative high school where we weren't allowed to get tattoos or piercings because it's "Self-mutilation."  So, a mom getting her infant daughters' ears pierced is not mutilating her daughter, but if I, at 14, want an eyebrow ring, that's "self mutilation" according the school personnel.  But I wouldn't look down on someone who got their daughter's ears' pierced.  Unless it is a sin, I try, out of charity, to assume that the other mom came to that conclusion out of love for their child, and a sense that this was what was best for them, and I leave it at that.

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