The Catholic Church forbids circumcision for any reason!
(03-02-2014, 02:10 AM)JubilateDeo83 Wrote: I wonder what some of the anti-circ people think about getting your daughter's ears pierced in infancy.  It's poking a hole that doesn't need to be there just for the purposes of looking pretty.  I chose not to have my daughter's ears pierced and my husband's side of the family still asks me when I'm finally going to have her pierced.  What does an infant need with a piercing?  Why stop at ears, why not eyebrow rings, tongue rings, belly button rings and the like?  I don't see why you'd want to pierce your baby girl's ears.  I'd worry that the baby would just pull the earrings off and choke on them.  I got my ears pierced for my 9th birthday and I took care of the piercings myself.  Then in my teen years, I went to this horrible alternative high school where we weren't allowed to get tattoos or piercings because it's "Self-mutilation."  So, a mom getting her infant daughters' ears pierced is not mutilating her daughter, but if I, at 14, want an eyebrow ring, that's "self mutilation" according the school personnel.  But I wouldn't look down on someone who got their daughter's ears' pierced.  Unless it is a sin, I try, out of charity, to assume that the other mom came to that conclusion out of love for their child, and a sense that this was what was best for them, and I leave it at that.

Well, AMEN to assuming the best about other parents! And you are most definitely right about how parents are always damned if they do, and damned if they don't. While I think some things are obvious goods when it comes to raising kids (love, emotional affirmation, etc.), and some things are definite wrongs (ridicule, beating them -- as opposed to sane and considered corporal punishment, for ex.), so much is read into every little thing a parent does that it's got to cause a lot of unwarranted anxiety.

But there is, as I see it, a big difference between piercing a kid's ears, and amputating a body part that has a big effect on the sexual pleasure both the child and his future wife will experience (which does not mean I condone piercing babies' ears.).  That said, though, and as I said to Austenbosten, most parents are doing what they think is the right thing for their kids (or, probably at least equally likely, acting out of habit and a sense of "that's what folks do!"), and they should most definitely be given the benefit of the doubt. Criticizing actions is always different from impugning motives and mischaracterizing others. People should assume the best about others.

I am 100% against the routine circumcision of male babies, but wouldn't dream of accusing a parent who does circumcise as being cruel or immoral or what have you. I think it is objectively wrong (as a routine procedure), but as with all wrong actions, culpability requires full knowledge, full consent, etc. And most parents THINK they are doing the right thing -- or just don't really think about it at all. So while their objective action may be wrong (and I am totally convinced that it is), they may be great parents in terms of their will, their love for their children, their love for God, their desire to do God's will, etc..

It's like a lot of the divisions I see in the trad world, a lot of the things we fight about:  while I think thoughtful people have to take sides intellectually, I don't see any need for "gang-banging" and not assuming the best about others.


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