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The Shame of the Vatican; PBS Frontline

PBS just aired a 90 minute documentary called: “Secrets of the Vatican”.  My friends watched it.  This documentary was so filled with vile things that the husband, a very good Catholic, after seeing it, said something like: “Why be associated with anything so heinous and corrupt.”

What I heard was that the documentary also explained why Pope Benedict abdicated.  Basically it was because of the corruption in the Curia and money laundering by the people involved in the Vatican Bank.  And he did not have the strength and means to fight it.

Basically, these are the exact same things the pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, in 2010 was trying to stop by leaking information to the media.  When he did it, he said it was the Holy Spirit who led him to do it for the love of his Church.  He also said he knew he would suffer terribly as a result of exposing the corruption and masonic activity in the Vatican.  He spent his first 20 days in a cell so small that he couldn’t stretch out his arms completely.  The light was on 24 hours and damaged his eye sight.

CaptCrunch73 Wrote:I'm skeptical of the source...

This documentary also reported on the homosexual priests in Rome.  It retold the report done by an undercover journalist four years ago who visited homosexual priests bars and parties in Rome.  It also talked about a priest having homosexual relations with the reporters friend all night long and them getting up and putting on the vestments to say mass.

It also reported on a demon possessed priest who raped a 8 year old girl in church somewhere in the US.

And all of us are furious and ashamed at all the priest sexual abuse of minors (mostly homosexual priests with young men under age) and children.  I think that the pope, cardinals and bishops are not sufficiently aware of the disgust and anger so many Catholics have over the sex abuse.

CaptCrunch73 Wrote:I find this hard to believe unless the cardinals and bishops are completely ignoring their flock. I don't think they care.

But, besides the Catholics, there is vehement hatred against Jesus’ Catholic Church by so many people outside the Church.  One time I read the comments on an article from a newspaper on abuse.  The comments were so vile and full of hatred for the Catholic Church and any priest.

On top of all this, there are those billions of dollars (that belong to the average Catholic who donated) paid out to lawyers and the victims of abuse.  Many diocese have gone, or are going, bankrupt from these law suits.  So many important buildings and land have been sold to pay for the lawsuits that were meant to be used for the mission of Jesus through the Catholic Church.

I am bring all this up to say we have grave grave problems in our Catholic Church.  And most of these abuses, sexual and financial, have been since the liberalization of the teachings of the Catholic Church.  There has always been sin in the Catholic Church from the beginning of time, but it definitely has greatly multiplied since Vatican II and the sexual revolution of the 1960′s.

Now, at the same time that this documentary is being broadcast, the pope and bishops all over the world are persecuting priests who are orthodox and traditional.  While a blind eye is given to bad priests, many of the traditional priests are persecuted and ostracized in most diocese today.

CaptCrunch73 Wrote:Who can deny this, look at the FFI, Pope Franics reaches out to Protestants but the Church will not work with the SSPX. The Church has far more in common with the SSPX than Protestants. Opponents of the SSPX point out their disobedience but how can they defend the Church reaching out to a group of people that practice heresy.

Just when we most need the medicine for the evil virus that has entered the Church (true traditional Catholic teaching and the Latin Mass) those who want to administer it, are marginalized and silenced.  Even super progressive Pope Paul VI said: “the smoke of satan had entered the Church“.

And this is where I want to bring up the very controversial Society of St. Pius the X.  Yes they are not in Canonical union with Rome.  But, all they are teaching is what was always taught for hundreds and hundreds of years in the Catholic Church.  While the progressives are canonized, the Society is deemed extreme and treated as if they are the devil himself.  Don’t we have it backwards.  Just go back 50 years and they would just be one more simple part of the Church.  We wouldn’t even notice them.  But now they are called “ultra ultra conservatives”.

I do not advocate going to their Latin Masses.  But I do appreciate what they teach and the Catholic patrimony they have preserved for us to come back to.

Yes, I know that much of the press is out to paint the whole Mystical Body of Christ as evil so that they can dismiss what Jesus wants to teach to all of humanity through her.  But at the same time it is important to admit what is truly evil in our Church and repent of it and get back to the Biblical teachings and life.  We need to pray that those with the hierarchical power in the Church repent and reform the Church rather than going along even further with the evil society of today.

Each one of us traditional Catholics deeply love Jesus, His Church and everyone else, saints and sinners alike.  We can begin by ourselves living chaste lives and our adherence to the Church’s orthodox teaching.  Then we put all our trust in the power of God, who will respond eventually to our humble prayers.  With joy we share truth and are willing to be persecuted and marginalized out of love for God, our Church and our neighbor.  We know this is not our finally home, and that in the end, God always wins.  It is so wonderful to be a traditional Catholic.

CaptCrunch Wrote:Here's some good advice for all of us, especially with Lent right around the corner.
I watched it, and felt like I had to take a shower afterwards. It was vile. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone whose faith, and stomach, isn't strong. But consider the source. The secular press has an axe to grind. Sadly, I don't trust the Catholic press too much either. It's all about damage control these days... saving the image of the church. Oh what a sorry state of affairs.
It looks like the video is online

Well, if this prophecy is true, we can see how It may come about that an angry mob may cause a pope to flee into exile.

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