Cardinal Wyszyński’s Vatican II Warning
Quote:Wyszyński’s influence was, of course, greatest in Poland.  But it should not be forgotten he also had a role in the history of the universal Church.  Together with the rest of the Polish episcopate, he helped to ensure that the Marian element was strong in the Vatican II constitution of the Church, Lumen Gentium, with special emphasis on her role as Mother of the Church.  Indeed, this old Marian title was nevertheless officially added for the first time to the Litany of Loretto by Paul VI in 1968, thanks in part to insistent requests of Wyszyński and other Poles.  Wyszyński’s appeals to his rights as a citizen in the face of abuse he suffered from the Communist regime were certainly not insincere, for he was definitely a supporter of a moderate, Christian idea of human rights, as reflected by his support for Dignitatis Humanae. Yet, he, and other bishops who experienced Communist rule, also warned westerners who were overly enthusiastic about the prospects for the spread of human rights, that enemies of the Church such as the Communists would never interpret the language contained in Dignitatis Humanae in the same way the Church would, and, indeed, were quite capable of twisting its meaning against the Church.
Thanks for this post.  I'm always interested to learn more about Cdl. Wyszynski, who surely played a huge role in the formation of Karol Wojtyla.

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