Kentucky AG claims decision not to defend marriage was ‘shaped partly’ by Pope

Here is "Who am I to judge?" in action.

For those who say, "No, the pope has defended marriage" - of course he has.  We should keep in mind that, as Pascenci points out, modernism is shifty by nature - those who espouse it often sound orthodox: "Hence in their books you find some things which might well be expressed by a Catholic, but in the next page you find other things which might have been dictated by a rationalist". 

No prior pope - certainly no pope before the Council - had ever been misinterpreted, by anyone, as being ambivalent regarding homosexual behavior. 

(And if someone can actually find a counter-case in history, I am sure you will also find that such a pope was denounced by the good Catholics of his time.)
Quote:A Catholic and a Democrat considering running for governor in 2015, Conway said he knew the decision could put him at odds with voters and with church leaders in his hometown. His thinking was shaped partly by statements from Pope Francis that encouraged openness toward gays. “Our new pope recently said on an airplane ‘Who am I to judge.’ The new pope has said a lot of things that Catholics like me really like.

No offense to any faithful Catholic Dems, but when I hear a modern US Democratic-party leader who is Catholic say something like this, I worry about the orthodoxy or the sanity of the Pope. At first I thought it was just him being misinterpreted, but when politicians like this are taking such inspiration and the Pope never corrects himself... well, that's that.

It'd be nice to join the Eastern Rites... they may submit to the papacy, but they don't talk about it much. Good shelter from nonsense like this. :P

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