Any Scotch Drinkers Here?
Over the past 6+ months I've started experimenting with Scotch, and really enjoying it quite a bit.  Any fellow Catholic scotch drinkers here?  Care to recommend your favorite scotch?

My favorites so far:
Single Malt - The Macallan 18 (My wife got it for me for St. Valentines day)
Blended - Johnny Walker Double Black

I love expensive scotch, but for everyday drinking I drink Teachers (which is 40% Talisker)

[Image: teachers_highlandcream_scotch750__90228....0.1280.jpg]

Not really everyday - that was a figure of speech  :P
Scotch was always my favorite drink.  Occasionally I still will have a small amount, although I pay for it later.  My favorite ones were Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroig
Sorry it's not Scotch, but I have a weakness for this:
[Image: Kilbeggan-Irish-Whiskey-Tube.jpg]

My wife limits my consumption because she says it makes me snore even more and louder than I normally do!  :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
For the most part I drink bourbon, but a good scotch with a nice English blend in the pipe is pure bliss....

[Image: macallan-12yo.jpg]
Single Malt - Macallan 18 or Lagavulin 16.  The Lagavulin is an Islay malt, so it's "peatty"  It tends to give me a stuffy nose for some reason, but I love it.  Macallan 18 is the faithful go-to.  I had a dram of Macallan 25 in a restaurant once, that cost me $55.  I could never afford a bottle of that stuff, but I had to try it - it was fantastic.

I'm not so much into blendeds, though.

I started on blended Scotch, lo, those many years ago. I haven't touched a blended Scotch in years, tho'. When I'm in a pub that carries single malts, I'll have a one, neat in an Old Fashioned glass. If I'm feeling flush at the liquor store, I might buy a bottle of Glenfiddich or  MacAllan. For everyday drinking I stick with Canadian (rye as we call it in Canada).
Jameson's for me.
I prefer bourbon, but when I indulge in an occasional scotch I like this one:

[Image: oban.jpg]

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