Maybe a cure / some good news / some very bad news.
I have been seeing Dr. Catherine Diamond MD for about 10 years now.  I see her through a County Clinic.  She has been treating me for chronic conditions.  She is the best.  By a different doctor I was prescribed a very expensive treatment.  He screwed it up.  It's cost was about 7 thousand a month.  That is just for the medication.  I tried the same treatment ( for Hep - C) the correct way with Dr. Diamond as my doctor.  I begged against her wish that I was allowed to do the treatment for 2 more years.  She agreed and found Commitment to care and a other resources to pay the Med Tab.  Because the treatment required monthly blood draws she additionally help by doing the follow up on the phone. She would do this hours after the clinic closed.  The treatment failed.  Now a brand new treatment  has become available.  Where my other treatments had a 20 percent chance of success the new treatment have a 90 success rate for people who where otherwise non-responsive.  The new treatment last 3 months.  The one medication, OLYSIO (simeprevir)‎ alone cost $1,000.00 a tablet.  The the medications alone it will cost for 3 months 1 hundred and 20 thousand dollars.  I now have government insurance.  My doctor will find one way or another to see that I get the medication.  (not to mention that her husband is an expert in treatment and study of the medication and the disease. I am so grateful to God and my doctor.  The bad news is because of Obama care the clinic will likely close in 6 months.  I am going to loose my doctor.  I am very emotional, better and angry. 
Thanks for letting me  vent.

Daniel and little Lulu. 
I will pray for you
:pray: :pray: :pray:

:(  I am sorry, Kzarah. Man oh man, what FRUSTRATION. *^%)&^ Obamacare!

Thanks everyone

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