Tim Has Died
(03-21-2014, 09:48 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: From Tim's brother:

Timothy Joseph McCarthy passed away peacefully yesterday 3/20/2014 at noon the beginning of spring. His whole family was by his side. Tim has requested that donations be sent to Christ the King Church Catholic Church in Sarasota Fl  Rev. Fr. Remski. This is being established through the Herdegen Funeral Home. Tim will rest with his Mother Katherine Lisandrello-McCarthy at Mt. Carmel Catholic cemetery in Hillside, Il.

Tracy thank you and all the fisheaters for their prays and support. Tim was very blessed to have friends like you. God Bless and may God keep you all.


I'm so sorry to learn this and breaks my heart.  Tim was a good friend.  I remember him always saying, Vince is in a worse than him, pray for him.  I surely was (it's been months since'e i been to FB).

Fr. Remski,FSSP, was my pastor for years and knew him very well. My daughter made her First Holy Communion with him.  Great to know Tim knew him.  I write to him.  It's Saturday now and i hope Tim  devoted to himself to the 5 First Saturdays Days and earned the Sabbatine Privilege and been admitted to heaven:  another glory for God! 

When you pray for him, please remember me.

Requiestat in pace, Tim my good friend.
(03-22-2014, 06:44 AM)Clare Brigid Wrote:
(03-21-2014, 11:52 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: A friend just asked me about a way for the forum to honor Tim. So, I'm "crowd-sourcing," as they say. Any ideas?

Tim was concerned above all that the message of Our Lady of Fatima be known and heeded.

I think what would honor him most, then, would be a prominent page within the Fisheaters site devoted to the Fatima account and the message of Our Lady of Fatima, perhaps including many quotes from Tim, culled from his posts over the years.

Perhaps it should also include links to reputable Fatima apostolates and to their PayPal donation links, if any.

I am sure that Tim would like this very much.  And it would make Tim a permanent presence here, in the way that would matter to him most.

What a wonderful idea!!!  I think it might be really nice to make up a PDF file with information that could be distributed at local parishes too.
To use one of Tim's fav exclamations, horsefeathers! Can't believe he is gone. I have been off of the form for Lent but last week something told me I should check in on Tim, as I hadn't seen him post from Feb 26th to Ash Wednesday. That's when I found out about his diagnosis, and for him to be gone so quickly...

A few things to think of:

1) Unless I missed it, I never saw him complain about anything, except a general comment about not being in great health. Either it snuck up on him or he suffered very silently and offered it up.
2) He was as orthodox as they come but he always placed knowledge of doctrine far, far below the living faith of love for God and charity. That's what really made him stick out to me, in the best of ways.
3) I immediately looked at his profile and his earliest posts. He left the Church in 1970 and came back in 2004. 34 years. And how holy he had become. Sounds like something you would find in Butler's Lives of the Saints...

Rest in peace, Tim Joseph McCarthy.
I loved Tim's posts. Amazing how much someone you never really met or directly corresponded with can touch you. I'm truly sad to hear he is gone.

I will certainly remember him in my prayers!

Keep the ideas coming, guys, and thanks for thinking about this.

One problem with the Fatima page idea is that I have a page on Marian apparitions (which, of course, includes Fatima) and I personally don't have a take on whether the Consecration has actually happened or not (though, ironically, it was a page I used to have on the site about that -- a debate with someone, with me arguing that the Consecration didn't happen --  that first drew Tim here).  To me, the situation is so complicated, so "he said, she said," involving too many conspiracy theories in some folks' take on things (the "Sister Lucia's teeth" stuff, for ex.), that I don't want new trads to get sucked down that rabbit hole. I just want them to do what Our Lady asked, since that's all they can do anyway. IOW, I don't want people spending tons of energy trying to figure out whether the Consecration happened, but just want them to do what Our Lady told us to do. KWIM? So I worry about linking to apostolates focused on Fatima. Does this make sense?

(03-22-2014, 11:04 AM)Tenmaru Wrote: (snip)
2) He was as orthodox as they come but he always placed knowledge of doctrine far, far below the living faith of love for God and charity. That's what really made him stick out to me, in the best of ways.

Exactly. Tim "GOT" the Gospel message. He didn't turn the Faith into a mere philosophy, as something to debate about rather than live. His charity for others drew people to him and made them want to know what HE knows that gives him such peace and joy. THAT'S how you spread the Good News. That's the sort of spirit I want this forum to be marked by.

  Eternal rest grant unto Tim, O Lord, and let Perpetual Light shine upon him. May he rest in Peace. Amen.
I truly loved his posts. He never seemed to complain-unless I missed it! Please don't take this wrong, I am relieved to know that his last struggle was brief. Judging from the # of posts, he's gonna be missed. I feel like I lost that uncle that was goofy but also full of wise instruction. My prayers for his family.
Ok.  So Fatima by itself may be a bit too much. . .  What about just devotion to Our Lady?  You could have an ebook, some links to chanting the Little Office of BVM, prayer cards, etc.
:pray: Rest in peace fellow Catholic.

He passed away on the feast of St. Benedict, March 21st, right?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he have a devotion of praying the Office of St. Benedict?

He will be missed.

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