Tim Has Died
May he rest in the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Maybe we can all put in to get him on the Redemptorists' Masses for holy souls.
(03-21-2014, 09:20 PM)FatherCekada Wrote: Rest in peace.

He'll get a memento in the Canon at my Mass tomorrow.

Oh, Father, THANK YOU so much... THANK YOU!

A kiss to your hand...

(03-21-2014, 02:25 PM)Prie dieu Wrote:
(03-21-2014, 01:44 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: That's a lovely idea... I've never "skyped" before, and don't have a webcam (and even if I did, I would't aim it at myself, ha), but I think I have the skype software on my puter. Can it be voice alone or does a person have to have a web cam?

As digitalpapist said a voice chat alone would work and you can even just use it as an Instant messenger. :) I think if so many people chose to go on cam in a group chat, that it'd likely cause too many connection problems!

I think it'd be a great thing. :)

Since I know nothing about any of this, would either of you care to set this up and write out instructions about how and when to do this?  I like this idea a lot...

God give his soul peace and light, and grant healing and comfort to his grieving family.

Viva Christus Rex! Viva Maria Regina! Viva Sanctus Josephus!
Tim formerly heard only echoes of the angelic beauty on Earth, but now he hears the fullness of the blessed choirs, and we can have confidence, due to his warm and charitable nature, that he takes part in their great sacrifice of praise to Almighty God

Blessed are you, O Lord; teach me your statutes!

The choir of the saints has found the fountain of life and the door of paradise.
May I also find the way, through repentance.
I am the sheep that was lost! Call me up to you, O Saviour, and save me!

You who did fashion me of old out of nothingness, and with your Image Divine did honour me;
but because of transgressions of your commandments, did return me again to the earth from whence I was taken,
Lead me back to be refashioned into that ancient beauty of your likeness.

I am the image of your unutterable glory.
Though I bare the scars of my stumblings, have compassion upon me, the work of your hands, O sovereign Lord,
and cleanse me through your loving kindness, and the homeland of my heart's desire bestow on me,
by making me a citizen of paradise.

Give rest, O God, to the souls of your servant TIMOTHY and appoint for HIM a place in paradise,
where the choirs of the saints, O Lord, and the just will shine forth like stars.
To your servant that is sleeping now, give rest, overlooking all his offenses.

Glory to the Father and to the Holy Spirit -

The Triune radiance of the One Godhead with reverence songs acclaiming,
Let us cry: Holy are you, O Eternal Father, and Son also eternal, and Spirit Divine!
Shine with your light on us, who in faith adore you, and from the eternal fire rescue us.

- Now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Hail O gracious Lady, who in the flesh bares God for salvation of all. And through whom the human race has found salvation, through you may we find paradise, Theotokos our lady pure and blessed.

My condolences to his family.

Every time I saw his icon on this forum, I knew there would be presented a kernel of wisdom to mull over, a bit of humor to counter pessimism, or an anecdote about the good old days. How he won converts through Our Lady and devotion to her garment, passing out scapulars in Chicago saloons, provides an excellent example of Christian lay preaching adapting tactics, but not doctrine or Truth, to the secular world. I do regret never having had the opportunity to share a pint. I believe he had some impact on my conversion to tradition.

Thank you, Tim.
(03-21-2014, 09:20 PM)FatherCekada Wrote: Rest in peace.

He'll get a memento in the Canon at my Mass tomorrow.

St. Gertrude the Great tells us that every time a Holy Communion is made, something good happens to souls in Heaven.

May every Communion made in his memory add another rose to the bouquet he presents to Our Queen this day.
So sad, yet so glad. He has broke the bonds of earth a soars with the angels!

I have seen so many good people leaving this bondage recently. Makes me wonder if it isn't a kind of 'Raptus' taking place.

God, in His Mercy has taken our friend home and quickly, so as not to suffer in this place.

Rest in Peace my friend. You will be missed, but not forgotten!
From Tim,  February 25, 2014
(02-25-2014, 07:39 AM)Tim Wrote: ...
The High Mass should not have been abandoned, it was in it's correct place as Aquinas has noted. Had the growth not been stopped we'd have a Mass with chant as a matter of course. As a young boy and later man I had a pretty good voice and the sisters acknowledged it. I for on would have loved to sing the chant. Singing the Gloria could make my heart soar nearly to touch the face of God.


Tim, may you now be singing in heaven with the choirs of angels, and truly touching the face of God.


A friend just asked me about a way for the forum to honor Tim. So, I'm "crowd-sourcing," as they say. Any ideas?

Mostly an occasional lurker on this website, but knew Tim a little from his posts. He showed a sincere and down-to-earth love of his Faith. May the good Lord have mercy on his soul! 

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