Tim Has Died
(03-21-2014, 01:44 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: That's a lovely idea... I've never "skyped" before, and don't have a webcam (and even if I did, I would't aim it at myself, ha), but I think I have the skype software on my puter. Can it be voice alone or does a person have to have a web cam?

As digitalpapist said a voice chat alone would work and you can even just use it as an Instant messenger. :) I think if so many people chose to go on cam in a group chat, that it'd likely cause too many connection problems!

I think it'd be a great thing. :)
Rest in Peace, Tim
(03-21-2014, 01:30 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: This seems to be the place where Tim wanted donations made, instead of flowers sent:  http://www.christthekingsarasota.org/

That parish streams a video of their TLM every Sunday.  It was how Tim could still assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass while homebound.  It is certainly a worthy ministry.
I have tears in my eyes.
My prayers for Tim.

  Jerusalem, thou city fair and high,
  Would God I were in thee!
  My longing heart fain, fain to thee would fly,
  It will not stay with me.
  Far over vale and mountain,
  Far over field and plain,
  It hastes to seek its Fountain
  And leave this world of pain.

  O happy day and yet far happier hour,
  When wilt thou come at last,
  When fearless to my Father's love and pow'r,
  Whose promise standeth fast,
  My soul I gladly render?
  For surely will His hand
  Lead her with guidance tender
  To heav'n, her fatherland.

  A moment's space, and gently, wondrously,
  Released from earthly ties,
  Elijah's chariot bears her up to thee,
  Thro' all these lower skies
  To yonder shining regions,
  While down to meet her come
  The blessed angel legions
  And bid her welcome home.

  O Zion, hail! Bright city, now unfold
  The gates of grace to me.
  How many a time I longed for thee of old
  Ere yet I was set free
  From yon dark life of sadness,
  Yon world of shadowy naught,
  And God had given the gladness,
  The heritage, I sought.

  What glorious throng and what resplendent host
  Comes sweeping swiftly down?
  The chosen ones on earth who wrought the most,
  The Church's brightest crown,
  Our Lord hath set to meet me,
  As in the far-off years
  Their words oft came to greet me
  In yonder land of tears.

  The partiarchs' and prophets' noble train,
  With all Christ's followers true,
  Who bore the cross and could the worst disdain
  That tyrants dared to do,
  I see them shine forever,
  All-glorious as the sun,
  Mid light that fadeth never,
  Their perfect freedom won.

  And when within that lovely Paradise
  At last I safely dwell,
  What songs of bliss shall from my lips arise,
  What joy my tongue shall tell,
  While all the saints are singing
  Hosannas o'er and o'er,
  Pure hallelujahs ringing
  Around me evermore!
Inclina, Domine, aurem tuam ad preces nostras, quibus misericordiam tuam supplices deprecamur, ut animam famuli tui Timotheus., quam de hoc saeculo migrare iussisti, in pacis ac lucis regione constituas et Sanctorum tuorum iubeas esse consortem. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

[Image: 392446544_60530c96a5_z.jpg]

Requiescat in pace. 
Tim, I will pray for your soul.  And please, pray for mine.  I will miss seeing your posts on the forum.

Dearest Lord, please watch over Tim, and welcome him into your loving arms.  Amen.

I had just put Tim on the good of the order of the Knights of Columbus last night, so he will have many people praying for him.

:'(  :pray2: :pray2: Rest in peace, Tim.
SUCH a loss! Requiescat in pace, Tim :pray:
You will be missed Tim.

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