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"Naturally, the mainstream media reported that the pope is open to the idea of same-sex civil unions, but CNA subsequently reported a clarification offered by Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B., who serves as the English language assistant to Holy See Press Office.

As an aside, this is the same Fr. Rosica of Salt and Light Television who conducted a 2012 interview with former priest Gregory Baum, one of Canada’s most infamous heretics, during which he praised Baum as a great theologian.

'I’ve certainly admired very much your theology, your writings but also your love of the Church, your love of Christ, and you helped to keep alive not only the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, but also the authentic teaching of the Council … you remain a faithful, deeply devoted Catholic, love Jesus, the Church, the Eucharist,' Rosica told Baum, an ardent supporter of homosexual 'marriage.'

Such is the character of the men hand-selected to represent the present pontificate."

I learned something from this one - I wasn't aware of Fr. Rosica's theology, as it were.

Can anything even surprise us anymore?  What utter devastation in the vineyard.

"Let’s revisit the pope’s words. He began his response by speaking of marriage being “between a man and a woman.” Clearly, this is the basis for what follows when he then goes on to address, by way of contrast, “different situations of cohabitation.”

It would seem rather obvious, apart from checking one’s brain at the door, that the pope was speaking of arrangements involving either two men or two women. It is an insult to the intelligence of both the pope and the faithful to suggest that the Pontiff thought the interviewer was speaking about men and women cohabitating outside of marriage.

In any case, the real bombshell is what Fr. Rosica said next:

Pope Francis simply stated the issues and did not interfere with positions held by Episcopal Conferences in various countries dealing with the question of civil unions and same sex marriage,” the priest continued.

On the one hand, Fr. Rosica isn’t the least bit ashamed to stretch credulity in the process of doing pontifical damage control, on the other, he is speaking with pinpoint accuracy as it concerns the Holy Father’s unshakeable commitment to that irresistible source of post-conciliar authority, collegiality."

There's yet more in the post, such as comments regarding the pope's "fawning" over the schismatic Orthodox, who, of course, long ago abandoned support of true marriage.
Father Rosica speaks the truth,I mean let's be honest, how often does a Pope actually interfere with the decisions of various Episcopal Conferences? What is sorely needed in todays ecclesiastical climate is a hard ass heavy handed Pope with crystal clear precision, unwavering doctrinal and liturgical orthodoxy and the ruthlessness of a mafia hitman when dealing with the Baums,Rosicas and Mahony's in the Church.
His openness towards collegiality and empowering the bishop conferences always worried me more than anything he has yet said.

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