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If you have a few minutes, will you take the time to answer these survey questions? Your responses will be ANONYMOUS, so let me know what's on your mind, will you? All questions require a response, so don't start in if you don't plan on answering all of them (there are 10 questions).

Please only take this survey if you regularly read this forum (you don't have to post here to participate!). If you've been banned from this forum but are seeing this message anyway somehow, or if you used to post here but left this place in anger, please don't take the survey. You are not invited to. The survey isn't meant for you, and I'd consider it a sort of theft if you were to take the survey anyway since I am limited with regard to the number of respondents who can answer these questions.

Thanks, guys :)

I have replied. :) I don't mind if you know it's me, I'm the one that spoke of country miles. :grin:
Survey completed.  I apologize if I sound abrasive, but I'm doing my best to be truthful.  Fisheaters was my first Catholic forum, and it would be good to see it reformed and repopulated again.

I just finished answering. Hope it's helpful.

Do you mind telling us in general what you thought of the feedback? Where your head is at in terms of the direction you plan on taking this forum?

S'all good, Laramie! I didn't see anything abrasive at all so far. I'm not worried about the "population" of the forum and know that when the forum is updated (which it will be some time soon by a Fishie friend of mine), having registering enabled again will make all the difference. As it is now, people have to to through me to register -- and so many people don't see the instructions on how to do that, in the very first sub-forum. I still get email asking "How do I register?"  (I had to disable registration because of pornographic spam and other spam).

Romanaround, I haven't had enough feedback to have any thoughts about it except to, so far anyway, be reassured that folks aren't as confused as a few appear to be about all the homosexuality talk lately. IOW, so far, folks seem to know exactly what I'm saying and don't find it "un-Catholic" at all. Trying to figure out what in the heck is making a few people so angry and weirded out about my simply expressing belief of everything in the Catechism, not saying anything contrary to the Catechism, and also demanding that homosexuals not be treated like dirt -- having assumptions made about them, being lied about, etc. -- was one goal of the survey. Really, when you do pretty much nothing but quote the Catechism and encourage basic decency toward folks, and some people storm off in a rage, it makes you wonder if you're being misunderstood, whether you're writing clearly enough (though I can't see how much more clear I can be!), etc., or whether some folks just want to rage on about and scapegoat homosexuals and don't like it when you get in their way. Me, I'd love to never have to talk about this stuff again (I'm so bored with it I could die!), but I feel -- think -- I kind of have no choice if someone is being uncharitable and engaging in the same ole, same ole behaviors that are not based in truth or love. I don't want people reading over our shoulders thinking it's "the trad Catholic way" to refer to all homosexuals as "sodomites," for ex., to treat the words as interchangeable (note, I am talking about the treatment of homosexuals, not of "Transgendergate," which is a whole other, very separate, completely unrelated issue and in the past except for those who follow the instructions I gave and actually talk to their priests instead of just talking out of their butts. Which no one seemed to want to do, apparently. At least I haven't heard from anyone whose priests have spoken on the matter and who'll publicly stand by what they say, which is the ONLY possible way to resolve any of that. Anything less is just folks expressing their opinions, including me.).

Another goal is to try to figure out how to handle the "inside the structures" and "outside the structures" divide. I'm told by some to keep the "SSPX vs. Sede, etc." debate forum, and am told by others to get rid of it. I'm wanting to know what the majority want done about that -- but have already received the brilliant suggestion (already done -- at least if I set things up properly!) of having that sub-forum readable only by members. As to any more changes, including the possibility of just taking that sub-forum down altogether, the survey may well advise, I reckon!

I most definitely want for the forum to continue in the direction of not being populated by the "toxic trad" types. Not only do they defeat the purpose of the place, they aggravate me. I'm an old woman; "ain't nobody got time for dat!" LOL

There are plenty of "trad" forums where people can rage on and talk without due diligence. I just don't want that stuff here. Not my style, not anything I want to deal with, and definitely not a Gospel-inspired means of living the Holy Faith that's likely to make others to want to know what it is we trads have and want it for themselves.

Replied. Bless the work done here.

Take solace in the fact that there are numerous intellectually dishonest people around in this day and age.  Not surprisingly, some have made their way to your forum.  You have said nothing un-Catholic regarding homosexuals.  Some people, especially so called Catholics, love to hate, see the world as black and white, and actively seek out so called 'errors' in others to make themselves feel superior.  If the Pope can be assailed for saying "Who am I to judge?" then why would you expect any better treatment?  As my friend said to me, the folks who attend Still River in Massachusetts are Trads, and they just pray better than us miserable wretches at the Novus Ordo.  And they try never to let us forget it. 

I pray for them, even if it's just in my poor Vatican II Novus Ordo miserable way.
Just replied.

Also, if you ever need a hand with the 'back end' of the forums, let me know.  I've been admin/moderator on quite a few forums in the past and I'd be happy to help in any way I can.  I only started coming to this site about a month ago and I've found it VERY helpful.

I've done the survey. :)

It's good to reinvigorate this forum by any and all means, so long as it doesn't require gutting the core values. I doubt Vox would do that anyway, but it's important to keep sight of the focus.
I will fill it out when my brain is working a bit better

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