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Did it!  Thanks!
Hello Vox.  I hope you'll forgive me for filling in the survey.  I haven't posted for several months since we were embroiled in one of the innumerable discussions on homosexual terminology.  I still read the forum though, and the main site is important to me, so I dared to answer the survey anyway.

Prayers for you,

(03-27-2014, 07:09 PM)AlphaOmega Wrote: Hello Vox.  I hope you'll forgive me for filling in the survey.  I haven't posted for several months since we were embroiled in one of the innumerable discussions on homosexual terminology.  I still read the forum though, and the main site is important to me, so I dared to answer the survey anyway.

Prayers for you,


No, I want you to! Thanks for taking that survey!

So far, the responses are VERY relieving to me, so on a personal level, I'm glad I got this survey going; I feel lots better about things.

Almost all respondents so far want for the "SSPX vs. Sede, etc." sub-forum to remain, BTW. A few want to exclude sedevacantists, but most want for discussion about it to be had here. A few folks mentioned appreciating Fr. Ceckada's posts in particular, even if they disagree with him.

Almost all folks say they understand me perfectly with re. to homosexuality and know there's nothing I say that goes against the Catechism, etc. Maybe two said that there's too much talk about it -- but I have to say that that's pretty much par for the course given the news items and editorials that get posted. Sadly, homosexualist activists are doing a lot of damage out there, and news items about gay "marriage" are going to come up. When they do, people can either respond without impugning all homosexuals, without equating homosexuality with sodomy, etc., or not. But when people do that, I sorta feel the need to set the record straight. Trust me, I'm bored of the topic myself and would be happy to never have to make the same ole arguments ever again LOL  (I plan on making a page about it all and then just linking to it if the occasion arises so I WON'T "have" to go through all this stuff again.. whew!)

One expressed his/her opinion that I am "soft" on homosexuality, saying that homosexuality "is a sin." But homosexuality isn't a sin; it's a disorder. Acting sexually on homosexual desires is a sin. This person also said that it's not just a sin, but a sin that cries out to Heaven. But homosexuality isn't a sin, and acting on homosexual impulses isn't at all necessarily equivalent to or involves sodomy. Sodomy (not the disorder of "homosexuality") is the sin that cries out to Heaven (and straight people do that, too). Anyway, that sort of thinking is part of what I'm trying to get folks clear about so people are being fair and not chasing homosexuals away from Christ's Church. Most people, though -- almost all of them -- seem to understand all this and totally "get" what I've been saying.

-- at least per the responses so far! LOL

Done :)
Keep up the good work, Vox.
Pay no mind to the occasional internet troll -- I'm sure the devil hates this place and this kind of activity (trolls) is to be expected.

God bless you for your efforts !

(03-27-2014, 09:19 AM)Jaegermeister Wrote: As my friend said to me, the folks who attend Still River in Massachusetts are Trads, and they just pray better than us miserable wretches at the Novus Ordo.  And they try never to let us forget it. 

I pray for them, even if it's just in my poor Vatican II Novus Ordo miserable way.

Thanks for your prayers.

Why no love for Still River ?  I thank God for the opportunity to worship here -- I don't know who your friend is, but have never met anyone in any of the Still River communities who hold the opinions above.  It almost sounds like an anecdote from someone hostile to tradition to veer a soul away from checking out the TLM ?

A priest at the undergraduate "catholic"  college I was attending told me (Warning:  anecdote ahead) he'd never celebrate a Latin Mass unless the congregation were all Latin scholars.

Give.Me. A. Break.  :eyeroll:
Completed the survey. I made a suggestion of creating some new sub forums. One would be a debate forum, where Catholics can debate Protestants or Atheists or any representative of a group who feels the need to debate a Catholic. Another one would be a anything goes type of sub forum where anything under the sun could be discussed, including controversial topics. this forum would not be moderated and discussions could become heated. Just some suggestions, is there other sub forums that members would like to see created?
I've provided the answer as well. I guess you'll know that I am I :grin:.
Thanks, Vox for this website. Just finished the survey. I read it most days. Never have posted much, but sure enjoy those that do.

Again, thanks to everyone taking this survey! Like I said earlier, I feel a lot better about everything, very relieved at (most) of the responses.

I am very glad that there seems to be no animosty between "SSPXers" and "inside the structures" trads! Almost everyone wants for everyone to be included. Most -- almost all -- are OK with sedevacantism being discussed, too, with only a very, very few thinking that discussion about that should limited or disallowed.

Every response was very affirming toward the FE website itself! That made me feel really good :)

Almost all understand clearly the importance of talk about homosexuality and what I am saying, and know that there's nothing I've said that goes aganst the Catechism. A very few -- maybe three or four -- said they believe there is too much talk about it OR that I am too defensive about homosexuals, with two people expressing disgust about such conversation and going on to confuse discussion of homosexuality with discussion of transgenderism (two totally different topics, which shows me that more education is in order). One of those two said that my saying that many homosexuals don't engage in sodomy is "peurile" (?) and that "Any sexual contact by homosexuals is traditionally understood sodomy, regardless of the definition of the week."  But, in Truth, sodomy is one of the least practiced sexual acts among homosexuals, with one third of homosexuals never engaging in it at all. Sorry, but it's true: ) (In addition to that, 30% of straight British couples engage in sodomy occasionally, with 10% preferring it to normal sex: )

One person wrote this, and in spite of the few people who disagree with how I handle the matter of homosexuality, this makes up for everything:

Survey Respondent in response to the Homosexuality question Wrote:YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I actually called a friend who is a homosexual man trying to live a chaste life and read to him a post on this subject in order to encourage him. He has suffered quite a bit, and I must deal with him very delicately. It says a lot that he found such comfort in those posts. Homosexuality is an unspeakable topic to many in the Church because they think "it's gross." Often, it seems the only ones who are willing to really talk about it are those who challenge the Church on the matter. It is one that needs to be addressed candidly and from a Catholic perspective, but seldom is. If someone is struggling, and the only people who know about it and won't treat them like lepers are the people who think the Church is wrong and needs to get with the times, how is that approach helping to save their souls?

It is quite clear that the forum owner knows well what the Church teaches on this issue and writes in a way that is COMPLETELY in line with that teaching.

Whoever has a problem with Vox Clamantis' approach to this issue either does not understand the Church's teaching on the issue, has misread the posts, or only understands the issue from a dry, abstract perspective rather than one that is a very real, very personal, and very painful cross to many people.

I really want for those here or who are reading over our shoulders who struggle with SSA to know that the survey overwhelmingly shows that most trads on THIS forum have a decent understanding of your struggles and of the teachings of the Church. I very much wish that those who do would jump in on those threads in which the topic of homosexuality comes up to let you (and me!) know this, because I just "know" it'd be a huge relief and a comfort to you all to know that you're NOT thought of as pariahs or lepers around here. Quite the opposite, and I'm so relieved to have this assurance for myself, too. If you are a Catholic with SSA, you belong -- just like everyone else -- in the Church Christ founded on the rock of St. Peter. Jesus loves you and wants for you to rely on Him to be chaste and to fulfill your desire for unity and wholeness with Him. And for what it's worth, I love you, too, as, it also appears (at least from the survey), do the vast majority of the folks who post here.


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