Can Asexual People Marry?
I watched a documentary last night about asexuality (which for the purposes of this discussion means not being sexually attracted to anyone or anything- having no interest in sex) and it made me wonder: is it possible for asexual people to get married, since they have no interest in doing what creates children? Some of them actually become physically ill at the thought of having sex. I know that marriage isn't all about sex, but I'd say that it's an important point to consider, especially if one's spouse has normal sexual desires. So are asexual people just destined to be single?  ???
As long as one can physically consummate the marriage and assuming there's no other bar to marriage, then you may indeed marry, even if you have no sexual attraction for anyone else.  Sex is integral to the married life, but if BOTH partners are asexual and have no real desire for physical longing, they agree simply to not to have sex.  If it is a mixed partnership with one asexual person and a regular person, then the partner that wants sexual intimacy has priority.  The marital debt.

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