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It's occurred to me after Tim's death, that if I hadn't happened to have had Tim's street address, I'd have had no way whatsoever of finding out what happened to him. As it was, I did have that address, and used "Reverse Look-up" to find a phone number, which, praise God, had his brother on the other end. If I'd not had that, Tim might still just be "MIA" and none of us would know to offer Masses for him, pray for him, pray for his family, etc.

But what about the rest of us? What if, say, one of us were to go missing:  how would we all learn whether or not that person is OK or in need of prayer or other help?

It struck me that our having a list of people's snail mail addresses, phone number, email address, and contact information for next-of-kin might be a good thing to have. Nothing publicly available, just something that, say, one or two of us might have  -- with whoever has access to the information being well-known to and agreed-upon by all, with some protocol in place before involving any next-of-kin, with a person's being able to ask to be removed from such a list at any time, etc., so no one gets lost.

What do you guys think? There are so many people I'd just hate to lose track of, who, if they simply "disappeared," I'd always wonder about and be sad for with regard to losing all contact.

I run my Dad's WWII-era Bomb Group website, too, and just got word from a neighbor -- a young guy -- of one of our men. Blessedly, the kid took the time to know the old man who lived next door and knew how much the Bomb Group Association meant to him. When the old man died, he wrote to us. But how would we have known otherwise? That old man, a war hero, could have become just a question mark, and I hate that possibility. I don't want that to happen to anyone here.

Any ideas?

I'd be happy to share some contact info with you, just so long as it isn't public.

You would probably want someone to back you up also, especially in case (heaven forbid) something were to happen to you.


(03-27-2014, 08:58 PM)mlwalker1972 Wrote: I'd be happy to share some contact info with you, just so long as it isn't public.

You would probably want someone to back you up also, especially in case (heaven forbid) something were to happen to you.


Yes, two people minimum, and three max, having that information would be ideal, I think. We'd have to figure out who "The Two" or "The Three" would be so everyone would feel safe sharing that sort of information, and the Two or Three would have to promise to safeguard that information, share it with no one, and not use it for any other purposes other than finding lost Fishies and making sure folks are OK.

If Tim were still here on earth, he'd have been perfect as one of the Two or Three; everyone trusted him!

And we'd definitely have to have some agreed-upon protocol to follow before getting a hold of next-of-kin. That could get weird and could needlessly scare those family members, too -- in addition potentially making them feel bothered.

Then again, maybe this is all moot and folks wouldn't be interested in giving out that sort of info, which is understandable. But still, there are definitely some Fishies out there I'd be very worried about if they were to just "disappear." Sigh...

I vote for Lisa. :) I'd say Jayne, too, but she's not here anymore. I can't think of anyone else, really. But I agree, Tim would have been perfect.  :(
Why not, sounds like a good idea. We already do something like that when we buy stuff on the for sale list or the Christmas card swap.
sign me up
I think its a great idea

So who should the two or the three be who guard this information? I like the idea of StrictCatholicGirl being one. I trust her completely. Anyone disagree? SCG, you game? Anyone have an idea for a third person? What about Captain Crunch? You game, Captain? Anyone have a problem with either doing this -- assuming they'd want to in the first place?

Me, I like the idea of there being three. Three's a holy number and a good number to use to try to ensure that someone's around with that information.

And we also need to agree on that protocol for trying to get a hold of the person listed as next-of-kin. What about:  "Before the listed next-of-kin is contacted, the idea must exist on the forum that it's strange for the person in question to have not posted in a while -- i.e., the person's not posting is atypical and at least one person is worried, AND the person must have not posted for two weeks AND (rather obviously) he must have not given any indication beforehand explaining his absence OR his absence isn't easily explained by someone on the forum who has knowledge that he doesn't need to be worried about."

Sound cool?

If all are cool with that protocol, and are cool with the three mentioned (with one being me), and SCG and the Captain are game, then folks can start sending me their info and I can make sure all three have it.

I hope this idea doesn't sound too goofy, but the idea of our never knowing what happened to Tim -- not even knowing He'd gone on to his reward -- just KILLS me!
I'm cool with it. If anybody has concerns or wants to know who I am feel free to PM me.
I like the idea very much.

3 is perfect.

SCG perfect.

I can't say I am familiar enough with the "post-personality" of the good Cap'n, but I am fine with him if you all are.

I would want all three to declare explicitly that they will NEVER make our info public.

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