New FE Page

Added a page to the site. It's called "Conversion of the Heart," and is off the "Being Catholic" section:

Hope everyone likes it :)
I think this is going to be one of my favorite pages ...I intend to read it daily until it sinks in. (May take awhile :eyeroll:) Thank you very much.
Please permit me to add my thanks for posting also, Vox. It is sorely needed.

Yaaaaay! I'm so glad for the positive responses (so far anyway!). On the "What's New?" page where I add links to the latest stuff added to the site (a slow page lately, alas!), I say that I think it's at least among the MOST important pages on the entire site. And I really think it is. Really, without getting THIS stuff, we're all wasting our time.  I hope it does folks some good...

Vox I love it! We need to LIVE the faith, live the Mass, live the catechism, live our conversion! Adding the video from the movie "Doubt" was a great touch. We are all guilty of gossip, which makes that one of the most chilling and unforgettable scenes.
Should be required reading for kids/adults going through catechesis.

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