This Weekend: Forum Maintenance Mode

On Saturday or Sunday, if all goes according to plan, anyway, the forum will be in maintenance mode for some amount of time as updates are added to it. Sorry about that! But I'm hoping that it will all be worth it!

So, if you come around on one of those days and aren't seeing the forum, no worries! Just gimme a few and I -- well, my friend -- will try to have things back up and running ASAP!

Thanks, guys :)


The upgrade is going slowing and running into problems, so don't think the Maintenance Mode stuff is over. You will likely see the forum on and off again until the upgrade is installed, new features we've got planned are incorporated (assuming it's all "doable" in the first place!), and all the tests run "clean"!

Just wanting to give you a friendly warning -- and to apologize for the down-time!


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