I hate to ruin everybody's day but this video will do it
There's a VERY IMPORTANT POINT which people seem to choose to miss:

The Pope is explicitly speaking "heartfully" with a "special language and grammar" "a simple grammar - "love God above all things, and love the other because he is your brother and sister."

He's speaking from the grammar of the things we can agree on as Catholics and Evangelicals.

He says: "with these two rules we can go ahead."

The Pope clearly signifies therefore that he is not speaking the "grammar" of Catholic Pope to Evangelical Protestant" but as a brother to brothers and sisters who love God and who love the other.

He describes the common ground, and that's the ground he stands on when he talks, and this ground (grammar) is loving God above all things and loving the other.

What does he NOT talk about? Anything else except the fact that he shares the grammar of loving God and loving neighbour.

It's only after making this point that he actually begins his speech. and it takes a full 2 minutes before he makes his speech

First Pope Francis greets them as a Church with a leader (bishop brother) who he has been friends with for years. He using the "simple grammar," not Ecclesiastical language.

He greets them with "longing" and "yearning."

He is joyful because they have "come together worship Jesus Christ the only Lord, and to pray to the Father and to receive the Spirit." He is acknowledging their belief in the Trinity, and the Pope sees God at work in this.

He is yearning because "there are families that love one another, and families that don't love one another."   And he states and acknowledges that "we are separated."

The Pope talks about why we are separated: "It is sin that has separated us. All our sins, the misunderstandings throughout history"

"It's been a long road of sin that we have shared in. Who is to blame?"

Have we all sinned? The Body of Christ is blameless, but we in the Church have often and grievously sinned, as have those who have separated.

"We all share the blame. We have all sinned. There is only one blameless, the Lord."

[i][b]"I am nostalgic (yearning), that this separation comes to an end and gives us communion." 
So the separation has to come to an end BEFORE the communion.

"I am nostalgic (yearning) of that embrace." But the Pope is longing for that time of union.

"that the holy Scriptures talk of when Joseph's brothers begin to starve from hunger, they went to Egypt to buy  so that they could eat. They went to buy, they had the money but they couldn't eat the money"

What does this specific text mean in light of the fact that Evangelicals he is talking to believe in the prosperity gospel? ??? :O

"But there they found something more than food, they found their brother."

More than prosperity - they found the true Church!

"All of us have currency. the currency of our culture. The currency of our history. We have a lot of cultural riches, and religious riches, and we have diverse Traditions. But we have to encounter one another as Brothers."

True or true? Unless we encounter our "separated brethren" as brothers there will be no true communion.

And he is acknowledging the differences. But

"we must cry together, like Joseph did" (now were the source of Joseph's tear the same as his brothers?) "These tears will unite us. The tears of Love."

and he ends:

"I am speaking to you as a brother. I speak to you in a simple way."  Reiterating the "grammar" with which he speaks. Have you never had a colleague at work "speak to you as a friend" rather than a boss/co-worker.

"with joy and nostalgia (yearning). Let allow our nostalgia (yearning) to grow, because this will propel us to find each other, to embrace one another."

How did Joseph find his brothers?... when they came to Egypt.

"And together to worship Jesus Christ as the only Lord of History.

I thank you profoundly for listening to me. I thank you profoundly for allowing me to speak the language of the heart. And I will pray for you, I will do it but I need your prayers. And lets pray to the Lord that He unites us. Come on we are brothers. Lets give each other a spiritual hug and  let God complete the work He has begun."
Thank you Triumphguy for your thoughtful post.  I really appreciate your insight.
You are welcome. If you hadn't put up the original post I would not have taken the time to sift through the video.

I may be totally out to lunch, but I am just interpreting the video in the way the Pope carefully sets out - simply, heartfully, on the grounds of a simple understanding.

With this in mind he is not selling the riches of the Catholic church down the river, but asking the "Brothers" to come and find Joseph, because the "riches" they have they cannot eat and sustain themselves with.
(03-31-2014, 02:08 PM)triumphguy Wrote: There's a VERY IMPORTANT POINT which people seem to choose to miss:

Well, thanks for pointing it out, and thanks for being the voice of reason, Triumphguy.

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