Charles Coulombe Mother Lode

What a find! Came across this and know that lots of you Coulombe fans out there might want to know about it, too. It's audio by Charles Coulombe and a friend of his.

It starts off with a 4-part discussion by Coulombe:
Part 1: God and Reality
Part 2: Creation
Part 3: Dawn of History
Part 4: God in History

Then, down the page, are talks on everything from Americanism, Jansenism, Angels and Demons, Benediction, Chivalry, Evolution, UFOs, the Syllabus of Errors -- all kinds of stuff, all in MP3 format.

So, on with the link:

Yer welcome!
(we need a curtsy for us wimmen-folk!)

Hi Vox,
these are great talks. The friend you mentioned is William Biersach, a fellow traditional Catholic author. I don't recall whom, but one of the fishies had made contact with the folks at Catholic Treasures (I thought), about also re-releasing their series on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which at last glance was only available on cassette. Always good to find more talks by Mr. Coulombe.
Already got this covered on the Charles Coulombe fan thread:

Also, take note, he promoted Fisheaters today, and he has an interview with Forward Boldly this Saturday.

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