Venerable Mary of Agreda -- litany
Where can I find a copy (preferably online) of the Litany to Our Lady written by Venerable Mary of Agreda?  Ideally, I would like an English translation, but the Spanish version would be fine.  Thank you! 

She bilocated in the 1620's to catechize Native Americans before the missionary priests arrived.  She instructed the Native Americans to expect them.  When the priests finally arrived, the people described her to them.  They called her the Lady in Blue (the color of her habit).

Charles Coulombe has written that this particular tribe was favored in this way by God because of their good will.

I love this story.
Thank you for the links to The Mystical City of God by Mary of Agreda.  I have read that work.  What I am looking for, however, is her Litany to Our Lady, which she wrote when she was about 19.  Perhaps the litany is available at one of the site you linked to, but I don't see it. 

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