Queen of England meets Pope Francis
(04-04-2014, 06:21 AM)Heorot Wrote: Humorous implications aside, I wouldn't exactly call that a "Templar Cross". It is the "Cross patée" of heraldry, and was used for the German Empire's Iron Cross as well as some Crusading orders.

Apropos for the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha offspring.

(04-04-2014, 06:21 AM)Heorot Wrote: It's associated with the Teutonic Knights, but the military orders never adopted a specific cross for their habits. Freemasons like to use this one often, sadly.

Yes, the Masons have co-opted Knights Templar "brand" so to speak, intended (as is everything they do) to confuse folks without a sense of history as this 19th century Masonic invention has nothing to do with the 12th Century Knights Templar sanctioned by the pope to fight the Crusades.

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