Michael Hoffman's Open Letter to the Editor of Christian News

Friday, April 04, 2014
Open Letter to Lutheran Pastor Herman Otten
Open Letter to Pastor Herman Otten
Editor, Christian News

(Hoffman's note: While this writer's essays and columns are banned from every Catholic newspaper of which we are aware, Herman Otten, editor of the Lutheran newspaper Christian News has regularly published our work, and he is keenly concerned with the issue of Talmud-instigated mockery of Our Lord.)

Dear Pastor Otten

In case anyone wants to do anything with it, we have tweaked the flyer on the Talmudic Blasphemy Against Jesus and reissued it in pdf. at this new link):

We have also added new information at our blog , including photos, about an earlier Talmudist's attack (scroll to the bottom for the additional details):

Unfortunately, most sound-asleep, so-called Christians have ignored our call to publicize this outrage, which is the main reason the devil rides so high in our world -- Satan's children work overtime for their master. If this vandalism had happened to a synagogue situated near a traditional Catholic center, it would be all over the media -- and the universities, the Pope of Rome and the Protestant Fundamentalists would all be fulminating against it at the highest pitch of sustained denunciation.

Being the miserable sinner that I am,  I have a real fear of God and what He may do with me on Judgment Day, therefore this type of blasphemy is not something that I personally can ignore. Apparently, most of my fellow Christian "activists"  have a much higher standing with Yahweh and need not actively defend the Name of His Divine Son from these ongoing attacks (in 2012 the Trappist monastery in Latrun, near Jerusalem, was spray-painted with the "Jesus is a Monkey" graffito, and the monastery's door was set ablaze). There have been 29 similar attacks in the Israeli state in recent years, but they are so poorly publicized that the prominent Catholic theologian Dr. John Lamont has declared in print that Judaism poses no threat to Christians: (http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/20...ch-by.html).

As a student of occult ritual, I know that the systematic, ceremonial blasphemy of the Holy Names of Jesus and His Mother, is a psy war attack on the moral fibre of Christians, a way of calculating the degree to which we have sunk into apathy, amnesia and abulia, as well as demonstrating that the Kingship of Christ is non-existent.

When I googled "Jesus is a Monkey" this morning, April 4, I turned up exactly six news stories. Six. And guess what? Half of those pertained to the 2012 blasphemy, not the one that occurred just four days ago.

If I had googled "Missing Flight #370" there would have been a hundred or more news reports. If I had titled this column, "Mystery of Flight 370 Explored" I would have had the riveted attention of thousands of readers.

But protest and publicize an outrage against the Name of Jesus? Help to make this foul deed notorious? Who cares?

It is very interesting to discover what our priorities are.

I am reminded of the words of Jefferson, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever."

In the Sacred Name of Jesus (Philippians 2:9-10),
Michael Hoffman

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