RH Law finally made it in the Philippines
(04-09-2014, 09:54 AM)Vincentius Wrote: For over the times that such a law was ever considered (remember that it was not until the 1930 Lambeth Conference that Protestants were given the go signal that it was OK to contracept), the RH was always defeated here.  However here in the Philippines the Catholic Church has weakend, much like the Catholic Church in the US of A.

The ominous dark clouds hover over the Philipines -- the RH Bill -- was passed (by the 15 men and women of the SC who could not agree unanimously --what else is new?), and it seems even the Catholic Church seems agree with the "good" part instead of condemning it because there is no "good" part when God's law is trangressed.. In this unfortunate look of things, Jesus is again being betrayed and sold -- for for more what 30 pieces of silver are worth today.

So what now? 90% of the population is poor and ignorant and they are going to be given contraceptives and tell them to go ahead and copulate and bear no more children, the very ones that are most welcome in Heaven. --And being poor and ignorant, many will be unable to follow instructions, take the pill, many times (this is a given) will forget and then what -- pregnancy. And then what to do with this unwanted pregnancy? Abortion. Exactly what Casti Connubii and Human Vitae predicted.

Anyway, since this is now law, how about an RH law for the animals who ploriferate with abandon all over -- in my place alone hundreds of cats and dogs.roaming and procreating with no end in sight. Let's be fair. At least these animals will not incur the wrath of God because they were created as such. But the humans? Those who come under interdict are automatically excommunicated and the Church, if truly doing the work of God, whose supreme law is the salvation of souls, should impose these warnings.

If only the Church will impose Canon 915.  Will they?   President Aquino is eager and set to start his pet law.  Will he be excommunicated?

Has no one heard of periodic abstinence? The rhythm method? NFP? 

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