Rules for avoiding Bad Books, Films, Magazines, Internet, Etc.

I have a big problem with a list of "Forbidden" books, too. It'd be one thing if they were described as books Catholics should be careful with (and even better, if instead if "forbidding" them, Catholic responses were made to accompany any official mention of the books in question!), but it's another thing to "forbid" it and act as if all Catholics are so weak in the Faith that reading something would shake them from it. It's very condescending to lay-people, IMO.

Further, our not knowing, for ex., what Darwin had to say keeps us IGNORANT (rather than innocent), makes us look stupid, leaves us unable to defend against much of what he came up with, and gives people the impression that the Holy Faith is sooooooooo weak and indefensible that just reading certain books is "anathema" lest Catholics become heretics. It's not at all a wise move.

Granted, any book (or anything else) that is, in FACT, an occasion of sin for a given individual is something that individual needs to cut out of his life, but where those lines are are different for everyone. Not every layman is "average" in intellect, weak in his understanding of the Faith, or too stupid to figure out where to get or come up with his own Catholic responses to bullcrap. How are Catholics supposed to get into the Sciences if they're not "allowed" to read Darwin, for crying out loud? It's nuts.


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