New Traditional Church in England
The Institute if Christ the King have been entrusted with a second Church in the United Kingdom, this time in Preston in the diocese of Lancaster. Here's the press release

The Church is particularly prominent in England being the tallest ordinary parish Church in the UK, the Spire being built, I am told, as a sign of Catholic confidence in the UK

Here's a picture of the Church

[Image: 9335293238_d0c138f893_z.jpg]

Here's a close up of the santuary's stained glass

[Image: st-walburges630.jpg]

Check out google images for more pictures of this beautiful Church!
:O What a feast for the eyes! Wow... I love the 15th-century trusses and beams!

Now they just have to start celebrating Sarum... :) :)

Oh, my! "Feast for the eyes" is right! I so much prefer churches with dark wood and jewel tones like that, as opposed to the white-painted Baroque or Roccoco styles all accented with pastels.

Thanks for posting this :)
This great news was announced by Canon Montjean on Sunday at the '1st' Church the Institute took over in New Brighton. The Institute have been a huge blessing for us in the 2-3 years that they have been in the UK and hopefully the people of Preston can be drawn to the beautiful liturgy and fully traditional sacraments as us further south have been. I know that Canon Montjean has been celebrating Mass in Preston, as did his predecessor Canon Meney, so a permanent priest in Preston should hopefully benefit both regions of the North West of England.

Hopefully they will be entrusted with many more Churches in the UK and in doing so, their influence will inspire both Catholics and non-Catholics alike to explore the (almost lost) beauty of the Catholic faith.

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