Rediscovering the Martyrology by George Weigel
(04-13-2014, 04:29 AM)jovan66102 Wrote: Sorry, I prayed the entire Johannine Office, with Prime and the Martyrology, whilst working a 50+ hrs/wk job, being a husband and the father of four small children. I don't buy the 'poor secular priests' argument.

Yes, I managed to do the whole Divino Afflatu for years working part-time, full-time grad school, and small children. It certainly can be done. Alas, there are even those priests who say that the LOTH takes too long - despite the fact that the entire day's office could easily be said in one 30 minute block if necessary - if it even takes that long.

My main point is that insisting on a monastic discipline for the secular clergy is a bit strange, especially when omitting even one hour except for grave necessity is considered a mortal sin. I just think a bit more common sense could reign. Things might have changed with the shortage of priests and one priest having to serve multiple parishes in some places, and I'm sure there are responsibilities I am not aware of since I have never been a priest - but working, studying and raising children are all full-time jobs themselves. However, IF it is the case that the canonical obligation is too burdensome, then it seems wrong-headed to deform the liturgy rather than reduce the obligation.

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