Are There Souls in Hell Right Now?
This is a good take on it, as it shows the limits of Barrons or von Balthasars arguments (at least as I understand them for secondary sources).  I think their analysis is perfectly sound up until the point this article points out, where it becomes much more debateable--the analysis of whether Jesus' words concerning the Final Judgment describe a possible result of the Judgment or foretell the actual results of the Final Judgment that will definitely take place.

Since Christ died for all men and God desires that all men be saved, every individual human person has the potential to be saved.  Therefore, antecedently, it is possible for all men to be saved.  There's nothing wrong with this idea (St. Alphonsus Liguori, for example, devotes a volume to it in his work on Prayer as the means of salvation)

Consequently, however, a particular person may not reach that potential. Only at the Final Judgment will it be revealed who was saved (other than canonized Saints) and who was damned.  So therefore, without evidence of the consequent result, from the human perspective, the possibility remains for each person that they may have been saved (if they have died) or may be saved (if they are alive or yet to be born). If we had no more info on the Final Judgment, then there wouldn't be much argument against Barron and von Balthasar.

But Jesus did reveal some details about the General Judgment and, IMO, they do seem to foretell actual results, rather than potential results, as this article notes.

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