Abolish Celibacy and Rehabilitate Giordano Bruno --- Bishop Kräutler and Frei Be
CaptCrunch73 Wrote:This is a very interesting article for a few reasons. First, it covers a umber of topics that lead to some lengthy threads here on FE. Second, it reinforces a comment Father Cekada made in the thread on Married Priests (edited quote below).
(04-11-2014, 10:29 AM)FatherCekada Wrote: But this is how a higher-up who would take flack if he openly suggested some radical change "floats" the idea. Have an inferior leak a conversation to the press, and then see what kind of a reaction you get. Politicians do this all the time to manipulate public opinion, and create a groundswell of support for the idea "from below."

(Vatican) A phenomenon of the pontificate of Pope Francis is the 360 degree statements by Church members.  After encounters with the Pope in secret they appear before the cameras to promote their personal agenda to do this, however, citing the Pope. What  Pope Francis actually said or supports, you can not check yourself. The procedure, which is the opposite of the once-vaunted ecclesiastical discretion, duly presents confusion. Two of the most recent examples: On April 4, Bishop Erwin Kräutler and on 10 April the Brazilian liberation theologian Frei  Betto were received by the Pope. Both were then very talkative.

Bishop Kräutler on the Shortage of Priests: Married Men  Must be Consecrated
On 4 April, the Austrian Mission Bishop Erwin Kräutler was received by Pope Francis. Bishop Kräutler (born 1939) has since been  Bishop of the Xingu Territorialprälatur in the Brazilian Amazon since 1981, where he succeeded his uncle Erich Kräutler of the same Order. Erwin Kräutler is also Chairman of the Indian Missionary Council of Brazilian Bishops' Conference. The bishop is a member of the Order of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood (CPPS). According to the Bishop, whose Order has produced  good priests in the German language,  is active in his commitment to the rainforest and the Amazon Indians darlings to the left crowd. He is said to be assisting 

Pope Francis  in the drafting of an encyclical on the subject of ecology.
After the private audience with the Pope Bishop Kräutler stepped in front of the public and stated in the Salzburger Nachrichten on April 8, he and the Pope had spoken on the admission of viri probati of married men to the priesthood.According to him Kräutler Pope Francis had agreed and said that he could well imagine that married men are ordained to the priesthood, when the bishops agree. This brought Kräutler again a discussion in progress, which was actually considered as completed. Since the Argentine pontificate these and other issues of progressive Wishlist appear again and again. Last summer it was the then nuncio to Venezuela, the just of Pope Francis as the new Secretary appointed Archbishop Pietro Parolin, the lostrat the discussion about the abolition of mandatory celibacy, without taking itself a party.

Pope: Bishops should agree and propose solutions
According Kräutlers words of Pope Francis would make the bishops' conferences on this issue have a crucial role.You should decide if they deem it appropriate to dedicate even married men. He, Kräutler, had in its geographically large diocese too little priest available. In many places, only a Mass could two or three times a year are celebrated.Always Loud Kräutlers representation of the Pope had given to understand that Rome could not decide everything, but the "national and regional episcopal conferences" to agree on reforms and Rome should submit proposals to the solution.  Kräutler told the Pope of a Mexican diocese in which there are few priests, but 330 deacons, but  they can not  celebrate Holy Mass. The question is how to go on in this situation.
In the Diocese of what Kräutler not said it is the Mexican Diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas. A problem diocese outside of any standard in which it really lacks everything except deacons.

Frei Betto calls for Rehabilitation of the Heretic Giordano Bruno
On 10 April, the Brazilian Dominican Frei was received Betto Libanio Christology of Pope Francis in audience. The tie wearing Dominican (born 1944) is considered one of the leading liberation theologians of Latin America with excellent contacts with left-wing governments, including the brothers Castro in Cuba. Under his friend Lula da Silva, the Socialist state President of Brazil (2003-2011), Brother Betto was a government advisor for several years.  Social Political commitment for Frei Betto always came first, which is why he did not do four years in prison for the Faith, but for his political struggle against the military government and he was also tortured. Among the friends of Betto belongs also the no less obstinate Leonardo Boff.
Frei Betto is the author of the "New Creed " , in which he expresses: "I believe in the God liberated from the Vatican and all of the religions existing today and future.  The God who is above all baptisms, before all the sacraments and beyond all religious doctrines. Free of the theologians he spreads,  disinterested in the hearts of all the faithful and the atheists, the good and the evil of those who believe themselves to be saved and those who consider themselves to be children of damnation and also those who are in secret, face indifferently what  will be after death.  I believe in the God who has no religion [...] I believe in God, who sees himself on the other side of the atheistic reason [...]. "

Pope: "Will Pray for Giordano Bruno"
As with the private audience for Gustavo Gutierrez,  there are no pictures of the encounter between the Pope and  Betto Frei.  Brother Betto turned then before the press and told the Spanish news agency EFE that he had asked Pope Francis  to rehabilitate the Italian philosopher, astronomer and heretic, Giordano Bruno. In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Betto said he was received by Pope Francis in the guest house Santa Marta. "I asked the pope  for a  brother who had landed on the pyre and asked him to officially rehabilitate Giordano Bruno. I think that the church should finally bring justice. Pope Francis had replied that he will "praying" for Giordano Bruno.
The "progressive theologian from Brazil" ( La Repubblica ) showed a clear satisfaction that the Pope had given him no negative response on his advance to the rehabilitation of Giordano Bruno, whom Frei Betto considers to be a "humanist".

Atheist "anti-Saint" for Theology Soon "as Important as Thomas Aquinas"
Betto was convinced that the writings of Giordano Bruno like those of St. Thomas Aquinas "in some time will be an important contribution to theology."
Giordano Bruno was burned on 17 February 1600, one of the few heretics burned by the Roman Inquisition  at the stake in the Campo dei Fiori in Rome. After the unification of Italy, the Italian Freemasonry erected a monument to Giordano Bruno. The militant atheism, who in self-definition are "church-critical humanists", revered former the former Dominican Brother as one of its "heretical anti-saints." This also includes atheistic Giordano Bruno Foundation in Germany and Austria to which Karlheinz Deschner belonged, who died on April 8.

Pope as a "Loving Father of Liberation Theology"
In addition, Frei Betto  revealed he had  spoken to the pope about liberation theology. "I told him that the Pope must be a loving father to liberation theology, as he really is, because  all we  theologians are children of the Church." For Betto there is a clear blame, for progressive or liberation theologians in the Church were  never responsible for "breaks", "We have never provoked fractures within the church. All divisions, heresies and fractures since the 20th century were caused by the Right, of the conservatives and traditionalists."


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