Self-Serve Communion on Holy Thursday: 8 years of "Reform of the Reform"
(04-24-2014, 03:27 PM)bkovacs Wrote: Doesn't it just irk you that most mainstream Roman Catholics, Pope Francis included, would call this group more Roman Catholic than the SSPX.  It must really make you boil inside!!. It does me!!. Hence I do as I please, like Rome does!. If I want to go to an SSPX chapel or an Eastern Orthodox Church. Rome's rules don't apply to me, like this group in this article. And they get away with it, and are considered more Roman Catholic than the SSPX, SSPV, etcc. "WHO AM I TO JUDGE WHO IS ROMAN CATHOLIC"  If the SSPX say they are Roman Catholic than they must be Roman Catholic!!. "Who am I to judge!!".

Modern Rome is not too quick to deny the validity of Anglican clerical orders, nor is it slow to cuddle up to the Orthodox Church. No one is asked to change their beliefs in order to have "ecumenical dialogue"; no one, that is, except Traditionalist Roman Catholics. They alone must be made to conform to Vatican II, while everyone else is accepted on their own terms. These unfortunate people who make a buffet of Holy Communion are in a place a thousand times worse than any sedevacantists, for the latter merely disrespect the hierarchy, whereas the former disrespect the Lord's very physical body and blood - as well as His soul and divinity. What humility He has, to allow such abuse of His person!

Anyway, only Real Catholics have to become Catholic; the people who don't even claim to be Catholic are treated as Real Enough.
I've heard much more horrid stories than this one.
Of course its not only silly but scandalous, and there is a subverting quality to it – so that the scandal is not just an accident, but (one of) the end of such actions. But still, the silliness abounds. What's next? An Eucharist snack-bar?
On the bright side, at the Belgium Church people didn't look very comfortable with the setting – at least not in the pictures.
Yes the Vatican's ideas on who is in and out of the Church these days seems to be at the whim of whomever has the power to issue a press release.

The Church is no longer being lead by principle, but instead by sheer whim.
>:( I am Mad  as Hell.!!!!...and i just cant take it anymore. >:(
Well, some conservatives or liberals may say "Don't judge!" right now.

But they are always judging us as diobedient, Pharisee, old-fashioned, obsolete, stubborn, or something, etc, etc, etc.

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