Wondering about fish eating
What does the meat from water dwelling mammals count as?  Whale meat, dolphin meat, seal meat, etc. 

Omega 3 fatty acids, supposedly fish is a good source of these, and they help prevent cancer. 

Any recipes for shrimp?  Stuff for fridays, nothin fancy, just dinner.

I think whale, etc, fall under the classification of 'seafood'.  (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)  After all, lobster, crab and shrimp aren't actually fish.  But please tell us, you're not thinking of eating Flipper?!
I have heard that they are not considered seafood, because they are warm blooded mammals, not fish. As I understand, it has to A) live in the water, and B ) be cold blooded like a fish, hence the reason the ancients didn't consider it "meat."
Fish tend to be a nice source of Omega-3s, but that does not mean all fish have them in abundance.  If you buy fish that is leaned down in some way, you are more likely to lose some of the Omega-3s they do have.

Being that they are not fish, shrimp and similar "sea-bugs" don't contain significant omega-3s.  I'm not sure about sea mammals, though I would not class them as fish.
Farm raised fish, because they are fed an unnatural diet, and usually live in ponds that have run-off polution in them, are very low in the omega 3s.
For the best fish as far as low mercury levels and high Omega three levels, choose smaller ocean fish, and wild alaskan salmon.  Avoid tuna, mackeral, and fresh water bottom dwellers.
Sardines, wild Alaskan Salmon, Anchovies, and tongol tuna are some of the best choices.
What's the good oil(pardon the pun) on sea perch? That's our Friday regular.
Anyone know if it's OK? Pros or cons?
Ocean Perch is on the list of low mercury... I think because it is a small fish.  I don't know about how much Omega threes it has.  I'm thinking it probably has less than Alaskan Salmon, since it's the one that's always touted.

Here's a link about mercury levels.

Ocean perch is too lean to be high in omega 3 fatty acids.
But, it is very tasty. [Image: gimmefood.gif]
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The FSSP priest that catechized me said on Fridays we can eat anything "not warm-blooded" when I asked him about this. So I think sea dwelling mammals would be out.

But fried snake kabobs, and lizard burgers are in ;)

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