Christians Need Not Apply
Once again, practicing Catholics need not apply;

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare has ruled that doctors and nurses who object to contraception or the morning-after pill are ineligible for “diplomas in sexual and reproductive health as well as full membership of the faculty,” according to the Daily Telegraph.

“While the diplomas are viewed as an important qualification for GPs or nurses treating sexually transmitted infections or involved in family planning, full membership is seen as essential for doctors who specialize in the field,” the Telegraph reported.

“It bars pro-life doctors from specializing in sexual and reproductive health and also makes it much more difficult for non-specialists to get jobs in family planning or reproductive health,” said Peter Saunders, chief executive of the Christian Medical Fellowship.
I think that Christians in the West should prepare themselves for horrible persecution. The tolerant liberals only tolerate those who agree with them. And seeing how most of this generation is irrational they won't realise what's going on.
The ferocity of the persecution really depends on how serious Christians (and their leaders) will be in living their Christianity in both public and private. If most Christians continue to allow the secular humanist ideas of total separation of church and state run the way they live as Christians than there will be no persecution, just a slow asphyxiation by laws and rules and self censorship. If Christians assert their rights and the rights of Christ the King with no compromises in both public and private their will be more serious hardship and persecution in the wings. It all depends. Europe is different because of the Muslim immigration; over there it's going to get real ugly no matter what once those infidel dogs with their vicious rape and death cult of irrationality and barbarism gets a demographic majority. Notre Dame,Chartres and rest will go "boom" like the bamiyan buddhas in afghanistan and so will Christians. Sadly I don't see much hope for Europe. The feast of Saint Pius V enemy of infidel headcutters and defender of Christendom has a feast coming in a few days in the traditional calender(it's today in the Novus Ordo) so pray for his mighty intercession.
(04-29-2014, 09:59 PM)Chestertonian Wrote: I'm sure it depends on where it is taught.  I avoided the religion department at my college because the Religion professors on our campus made the English and Education professors look like staunch conservatives

LOL! Good point. I guess it really depends, but its easier to pick out the wacky "religious profs" because the opportunity for controversy is greater.

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