Google and Christianity
I like DuckDuckGo. They use google for some of their results, but also bing, yahoo, etc. Their schtick is they don't track you or log or sell your information. They also have some really convenient power user features called "bang notation" ('bang' is programmer slang for the exclamation mark.)

when searching catholic I get results like and catholic answers ;)
I use StartPage too. Best we can do for now.
(04-27-2014, 10:46 PM)maldon Wrote: ...

P.s. I think it's rich that Google's motto is (used to be?) "Don't be evil" 
I suppose to a relativist libertine outfit that would be "evil" according to Karl Marx (Which would be what we call "good") -- I'ts all for the collective, man.

Many people think that being nice is the same as not being evil. Thus "good" people are those with social niceties who do not protest evil. "Evil" people are those who hurt feelings by speaking the truth. It's all about "feelings". This is why you'll see foolish behavior like calling sexism worse than child murder. You can abort for any reason you want, except if it's a sex selective abortion.

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