Official SSPX position on canonisations?
I know that the SSPX decried the then-impending canonisations of John XXIII and John Paul II, a few days ago and of course many times in the past. I have also seen interviews and articles in which they have criticised these and given reasons to question the infallibility of the canonisations, and indeed all those conducted since Vatican II or at any rate since the new process was introduced.
My family and I attend a Traditional Mass offered by Oratorian priests in terms of Summorum Pontificum, but I believe the priest gave a rousing sermon on the canonisations at the local SSPX chapel (presumably anti!).
Does anyone know if the SSPX has issued an official communique or other statement where it sets out its *official* position as to whether it recognises the validity of the canonisations or not? Obviously they are critical, but do they, now it has happened, officially accept the judgment of the Church and regard the two Popes as officially Saints, even if they believe the canonisations should not have happened, or do they officially take the position that these were evidently *not* infallible and thus refuse the designation "saint" to the two Popes?
I am looking for the *official*, post-ceremony SSPX position, as I know that before yesterday there were strong criticisms, and individuals have their own views...but now it's happened, it's different.
God bless.

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