Official SSPX position on canonisations?
I am fairly sure that I saw "St Maksymilian Kolbe" and "St Faustina Kowalska" on SSPX sites. So they do accept at least some of new canonisations. I'm not sure about Josemaria Escriva. Do you know whether after JP2's beatification the Fraternity referred to him as 'Blessed'?

Wow, I've found something very interesting on a Polish trad forum (translation mine)

Quote:Rzeczpospolita [a Polish daily newspaper]: Does the Fraternity recognise saints canonised after the Council?
Bp [Richard] Williamson: Some of them, yes, for example Saint Maksymilian Kolbe. The problem is, John Paul II made the canonisation process visibly easier. So the definition of canonisation and sainthood was changed.
Rzeczpospolita: And what if John Paul II himself becomes declared a saint? Will the Society recognise that?
Bp Williamson: If the process is conducted properly, according to all rules, and if the verdict says so, then yes, absolutely.
(„Kościół musi wrócić do prawdy” [The Church Must Return to the Truth], Rzeczpospolita, 28 December 2006)

Apparenyl, none other than bishop Richard Williamson did not rule out the possibility of St JP2. So why is he so vehemently opposed to it now, even more than the SSPX? What didn't he like about the process?

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