Official SSPX position on canonisations?
There is a difference between disliking the process and validity.  Also remember that veneration of Saints is optional.  If a person has a problem with a particular saint, then by all means pick another saint.  Now if the Pope walked out one day and declared Hitler a saint, without any formal process, then I think most would not recognize that declaration.  The Pope is not God. 

Once a saint is declared, with proper validity, then that saint should not be denigrated.  St. Augustine was pretty wild and loose guy before he became a holy man.  If we are all judged by the actions we fail at in this life, then none of us are getting to heaven.  Being named a saint does not automatically give assent to everything done during the saint's life nor does it mean that everything they did is worthy of praise.  That is a trap many fall into in modern times.  Remember there are MANY saints in heaven (We hope).  Almost none of them merited direct entry into heaven.

Almost all of us want to be in heaven, we should desire it.  We don't lead perfect and meritorious lives for the most part.

The canonizations of recent past seem very much politically motivated.  Their canonization will be used by many as a way of supporting Vatican II and other areas of current concern.  It is a shame that we can't be happy that a fellow human being has been welcomed into the beatific vision.

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