Harvard Black Mass ?!?!
These people have me pissed.  If ever my child were to want to attend Harvard, I'd decline to pay.  I can't believe this is considered even remotely appropriate.  I feel like I'm going to vomit.

“Yes we will use a Consecrated Host” at Harvard “Black Mass”
May 7, 2014 By Elizabeth Scalia 5 Comments

Photosource Harvard Campus Reform
Following up on this post, I have made a couple of phone calls to the The Cambridge Queen’s Head where Madelyn, an events manager, first promised to “research this”, saying that her computers were down. During a subsequent conversation, sounding very flustered, she and told me she had no comment to offer at the moment. Confirming that she is the Events manager, she promised a response later today.
She did confirm to another caller that the Harvard Cultural Exchange is having an event there, on May 12.
UPDATE: I just spoke to Priya Dua, PR director for The Satanic Temple and she has confirmed that yes, they have obtained and will use a Consecrated Host during this “re-enactment”. She is hopefully putting me in touch with someone who will answer my questions about how the Host was obtained, what they think they’re doing by using a Consecrated, as opposed to unconsecrated Host, and more.
On its Facebook page, the Harvard Extension says it is looking into things.

Stay tuned…this is either as real as it gets or an elaborate game. Or perhaps both. I am aware that the only source we have concerning the use of a Consecrated Host is the Satanic Temple, and that they could simply be looking for publicity.
Meanwhile: Harvard Extension channels Pilate. Black Mass, Shinto Tea Ceremony, what’s the diff? It’s academic! :-)
Update on this:
Apparently, the Satanic Temple people are now claiming they are not using a Consecrated Host. 

I wonder what the truth of the matter is.
It's still bad, even if they're not using a consecrated host. Plus, it would be pretty easy to lie about that. :((
I haven't heard about this organisation but don't worry, if you can contact them then they're not satanists per se. "True" satanists consider such groups to be 'traitors' or, at best, idiots. They're not satanists, they're simply atheists and they surely don't believe in personal Satan, let alone consecrating Hosts. Satanists who truly commit sacrileges are underground so to speak. I don't know which faction of satanists is worse: those who are just blase hipsters who believe in carnal pleasures only or real loonies who truly worship their horned god.
Isn't a "black mass" where a "priest" (because it's an ontological nature rather than a ministry, say one and all) "validly but illicitly" confects the Eucharist?

Anyway - whatever they're up it, it's sick and deranged. Trust the university administration not to care. Can't wait to see some blustering and posturing from the CDL.
PolishTrad, whether they believe in Satan or not, he is surely at work in this monstrous act. 
(05-07-2014, 03:16 PM)Fontevrault Wrote: PolishTrad, whether they believe in Satan or not, he is surely at work in this monstrous act. 
Of course, but what I meant was that they most probably won't even try to obtain a consecrated Host because they don't believe in 'this sort of superstitions'.
Thank God that Juventutem Boston has a student presence at Harvard!

I've read Scalia's post in which she relates the conversation she had with Greaves (the fella who runs the satanic “temple”).
One of the reasons he gives for not getting a consecrates Host is because, given that his crowd don't believe in it, it would be probably too much work to do.
Now, isn't this ironic? They construct a temple, build bronze statues, are planning a black “mass”, so on and so forth; but getting a consecrated Host, which would require sitting for 30min in a Mass in some liberal parish and taking the Host in the hands, etc., now that would be too much trouble!

On a more serious note, that is all very sinister indeed. It doesn't matter if they don't believe it, its still sinister. And maybe the devil himself is a materialist; David Hart plays with this idea in his short story The Devil and Pierre Gernet – and its not really that far-fetched if one sees that these revolutionary ideas such as the creative power of destruction and evil are really diabolical ideas.
Yes, I think there's more sinister stuff going on with these sort of people than with the slavish satanist that gives himself to satan as if he were a god.

By the way, there's a pretty scary story about people fooling around with consecrated Hosts here:
The true satanist isn't going to advertise they are using hosts consecrated or not. They hid their activities not flaunt  what these clowns are planning.Is it sinister yes. I hope the whole thing blows up literarely in their faces. The lord will deal with them  if not in this life but the next.

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