Obstacle to Evangelization
Church officials must be careful not to become obstacles to the process of evangelization, Pope Francis said in his homily on May 8.

Reflecting on the conversation between St. Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, the Pope told the congregation at Domus Sanctae Marthae that there are three essential elements of evangelization: docility to the Spirit, dialogue, and trust in God’s grace.

Without docility, the Pope said, the would-be evangelist ends up “announcing himself.” Without dialogue, he continued, evangelization is simply impossible. And without trust in grace, an institution of the Church can become “a factory to create obstacles so people can’t obtain grace.”


Are you an obstacle to evangelization?
Surprise! The Pope is bashing Church Officials again. It's strange and fascinating that Francis seems to have taken this path consistently since his inauguration. Almost every other speech is about the infidelity of the clergy or the arrogance of "Church officials". He's certainly right in what he says, but it's all rather prosaic and it's been said before with greater eloquence. It would be nice if he just stuck to quoting the saints... and maybe encouraging the Laity not to be arrogant prudes, either! There are bad people other than Church Officials, after all.  :P
Really, why would it matter? This is the same man who spoke against and said not to 'proselytise'. According to Him, it'd be better off if we didn't convert any non-Catholics; seeing as how even Atheists are somehow 'saved' . . .  ???
The biggest obstacle to evangelization is ecumenism, this has completely negated the teaching of the dogma NO SALVATION OUTSIDE THE CHURCH, which in the past priests believed so much they went to extraordinary measures to get the sacraments to the ends of the earth. When you start saying people have partial truth or are ignorant and recieve the same as the sacraments then why risk your life to get the message to the hostile.

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