Pope Tweets: Inequality is the Root of Social Evil

From CathNews New Zealand:

Papal inequality tweet sends right-wing commentators into flap
Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Pope Francis has put out a tweet against inequality which has conservative economic commentators fuming.

On April 28, Pope Francis posted to his Twitter feed: “Iniquitas radix malorum.”

In English this translates to “Inequality is the root of social evil”.

Vox Wrote:Yeah, man! Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

The papal tweet came only days after French economist Thomas Picketty’s bestseller “Capital in the Twenty-First Century?” sold out on Amazon.

Picketty posits that an unregulated free market creates an ever-widening wealth gap.

Vox Wrote:I don't think it's the free market that does that; I think it's usury, centralized banking, fiat money, fractional reserve banking, corporate lobbyists, a government's not staying on top of things like outsourcing and tariffs necessary to protect a country's industries and workers, overregulation that prevents competition while allowing big corporations whatever they want (like using "eminent domain" for corporate causes!), etc. Anyway...

The papal tweet had nearly 10,000 retweets shortly after it was posted.

Writing for the Religion News Service, David Gibson noted that the papal tweet had drawn criticism from the libertarian, Catholic-run Acton Institute.

Vox Wrote:I'm not sure I'd call the Acton Institute "libertarian." They have too much respect for the power of culture, the necessity of religion, and Catholic social teaching for that label, I think. I'd say they're "libertarianish" -- and I'd guess I'd agree with them on most everything with regard to the system of government we've got.

“Seriously, though, what was up with that tweet by @Pontifex? Has he traded the writings of Peter and Paul for Piketty?” tweeted the Acton Institute’s Joe Carter.

“Hate and apathy are the roots of social evil,” he added as a counterpoint.

“So, if we achieve maximum redistribution of resources, we will have eliminated ‘social evil’ , whatever that is?” wrote Rod Dreher at the American Conservative.

“Yes, and that’s why the Soviet Union was the Garden of Eden,” Dreher added.

Gibson noted that Catholic Culture editor Phil Lawler called the Pope’s tweet “a fairly radical statement” and as “a piece of economic analysis a very simplistic one”.

Lawler added that Francis probably doesn’t know what’s going onto his Twitter feed anyway, and the Pope does not speak English.

Vox Wrote:Um, that was tweeted in Latin.

“So we can be sure those aren’t his exact words,” Lawler said, echoing previous conservative efforts to downplay or explain away some of Francis’ more provocative statements.

Vox Wrote:A neo-con doing what neo-cons do best when it comes to papal "things that make you go 'hmmmm'": 'splaining away and pretending that A is Not A. Pope Francis said: Iniquitas radix malorum. Or, at least, that is what showed up on HIS Twitter feed, in HIS name. If the Pope has someone tweeting for him, and that person posts nonsense like that, then he needs to find a new "twitterer" for himself (if that wouldn't be "too legalistic" for him or something. Ahem).. But in any case, there's no way "we can be sure those aren't his exact words" (and this from the guy whose site gives FishEaters.com a big warning in their site reviews).

Yet Vatican officials have said that in fact Francis personally approves all of his tweets, and did so in this case as well, Gibson wrote.

Vox Wrote:Oops, Mr. Lawler!

Moreover, they noted that the tweet is taken directly from Francis’ exhortation from last year, Evangelii Gaudium (see paragraph 202).

In his exhortation, Pope Francis attacking the “idolatry of money” and calling on politicians to guarantee all citizens “dignified work, education and healthcare”.

Vox Wrote:Attacking the idolizing of money is obviously a good thing, but asking politicians to get involved in "guaranteeing" "all citizens" "dignified" work, education, and healthcare is asking for something that goes way beyond the scope of a sane government, in my opinion. It definitely goes beyond the scope of the US Constitution as the Fathers wrote it.

I wasn't aware that we all are equal. It's certainly the line that liberals love to promote, but it's absolute nonsense.
I know the man is Pope, and certainly respect him for his position and the office, and all that (can you hear it comin'.......................................................) BUT  :grin:..................................maybe he should keep his mouth shut a little more often and deactivate his twitter account.  :eyeroll:

Lord have mercy!
I personally have  had with this 3rd  world thinking. 
(05-09-2014, 10:59 AM)JCCMADD Wrote: I personally have  had with this 3rd  world thinking. 

And therefore.......?
I thought pride was the root of all evil.
Such rubbish.
Last I heard, Lucifer wanted "equality" too . . . and got kicked out.

Inequality is a fact, not a moral decision. I am amazed that this Pope spends so much time talking about secular issues and not about moral or religious issues.

For example, why "inequality" and not "injustice"? Why is he so afraid to talk morality?????

And where is the human being, the human person in all of this? Why all the vague nonsense about corporations and banks? It's individual human beings that have money and are not giving some of it to others that is the issue. Real, live, human beings.
Funny, even Christ himself didn't teach that we're all equal.  To those that much has been given, much is expected.  I'm pretty sure he didn't advocate making Caesar be the one to redistribute it.
We are only equal as regards being created by God, we are not equal in talents, etc , etc , etc  Since liberals don't follow God's words why do they want us equal.
I'm not disturbed by Pope Francis's tweets, we all know his economic leanings; what I'm most disturbed by is the continued fawning and defense over every thing His Holiness does by these Neo-Caths. He's the Pope, not God...he is more than capable of making mistakes....a lot of mistakes and instead of defending him we should correct him or at least request that he expound further.

The constant knee-jerk defense among some of these Catholics is just becoming embarrassing.

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