Point Well Made
It seems as though the Church of the past 50 years thanks to V2 has more or less painted itself into a corner.  You really would have thought they should have realized long ago that  ecumenism just will not work when the Catholic Church actually presents objective reality, not just another opinion on what is pleasing to God.  Seems that Michael has hit it on the head in this video.


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This is what they've wanted. The modernists were and still are jubilant over the Council, especially ecumenism and the new ecclesiology. Ratzinger in "Theological Highlights of Vatican II" points out that what constitutes "membership" in the Church.was deliberately left out of the documents to exclude the possibility of using the old definition of a Catholic as one who shares the same faith, has the same sacraments and is under the authority of the Pope. That was too narrow and excluded everyone but card carrying Roman Catholics. Vatican II wanted a new ecclesiology based on varying degrees of full and partial communion which allows room.for everyone under the sun be they atheist,jew,Jacobite,muslim or "invincibly ignorant" pagan. Vatican II's ambiguity was by design, as the Church (in the eyes of Ratzinger and his cabal of new theologians) had become too narrow,rigid etc. Heresy and schism no longer exist unless it's relatwd to the acceptance or rejection of Vatican II.

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