Orthodox Jews Protest Pope's Mass at Cenacle
(05-13-2014, 07:42 AM)austenbosten Wrote:
Quote:“When ‘the crusaders’ come here making the sign of the cross and all kinds of rituals, this place will become idolatrous for us, and we will not have the right to pray there any more,” ultra-Orthodox Jewish protester Yitzhak Batzon told AFP.

Then maybe you should convert.

So, does the praisers of Vaticano Secondo still believe the false notion that Jews don't need conversion?  :eyeroll:

A couple of points:
1.  Does the fact of Pope Francis celebrating Mass in the Cenacle have a direct effect on the sovereignty issue?

2. Batzon is just wrong.  When I see the term "ultra-orthodox" with reference to Jews in Israel, as a Jew and as an Israeli (yes, I hold dual citizenship), I cringe.  Unfortunately because of the way Israeli politics is structured, these radical nut-jobs wield a power far out of proportion to their actual numbers--and they know it, and they know how to use their power.

3.  Maybe they should convert, if it comes from their hearts responding to an indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  Otherwise....hmm.  I know not a few Catholics and others who self-identify as Christians (myself included far too often) who are in need of conversion, so let's not be so quick to make demands on others.

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