Francis open to baptizing Martians
(05-13-2014, 02:17 PM)SaintSebastian Wrote:
Quote:St. Thomas doesn't rule out the possibility of the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity taking on other human natures (Summa Theologica III q. 3 a. 7, "Whether one Divine Person can assume two human natures?"), but he thinks it's improbable:
Summa III q. 3 a. 7, "Whether one Divine Person can assume two human natures?" Wrote:That which is able [to do something] in one case and not in another has its power limited to one. The power of a divine person is, however, infinite, and it ought not be said that a divine person had assumed one human nature is such a manner that another could not be assumed to its personhood, for that is impossible, because an uncreated thing cannot be comprehended by a created thing. It is manifest therefore that whether we consider the divine person according to power, which is the principle of the union, or according to its personhood which is the term of the union, it must be said that the divine person besides a human nature which it has assumed, is able to assume another numerically different human nature.

What about non-human natures?
So, non-rational natures? Grace only pertains to rational beings.
I think takes human to mean "rational animal."
Geremia, I must remind you, yet again, that calumny is objectively grave matter.  You are not free to take such liberties in characterizing what someone said -- especially the Holy Father.

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