Kasper: "The Church is not against birth control at all"!
(05-13-2014, 11:06 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: The thing is this:  the Church isn't against "birth control," per se (periodic continence, for ex., is fine when there is a need). She's against artificial birth control. But Kasper just "had" to know how his comment would be understood. He simply can't be that ignorant. Or, maybe the quote was taken out of context. Or maybe Kasper was lying about Church teaching altogether insofar as he intended to mislead about what the Church actually teaches about birth control as contrasted with artificial birth control, etc.

But as Austen said, "will this sh** ever f***ing end??"  Every other day we get one kick in the head or another from someone who's either talking sloppily, misleading on purpose or out of ignorance or because the media are playing games or some combination of the above... It's exhausting.

So true, it's becoming depressing almost for me to be Catholic sometimes because I feel I'm trying to do everything right and the bishops are saying "no you're doing too much"

I really wish the Church hierarchy can get their acts together and realize that this is not helping it's confusing to many.

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