Rorate Caeli: Many FI priests petitioning to be relieved of pontifical vows
(05-17-2014, 12:56 AM)maldon Wrote: Miles,
You said something that has me intrigued. You said; "That gives great strength to our argument, i.e. we can assert that the post-concilliar Popes are modernist without de facto becoming sedevacantists, which is the SSPX position. "

Is this "the SSPX pisition" as you say? If so it would explain things. I mean, the SSPX are also outside the structures of the Church and 'exercise no legitimate ministry". I have sometimes wondered about this, thinking, "Why can't they just re-enter the Church's canonical life, all the while believing that the Pope is,let's say, heterodox, and just work on until the storm clears?" The answer is always the same: they will be told not to publicly criticize the teachings of the reigning Pope or call into question the validity or orthodoxy of VII. And I don't think they have so much of a problem with the VII part, because they can ignore that, but the issue of not criticizing the Pope is one they will never get around, and I think they never will.I mean, technically, if you are a bishop and you think the Pope is wacky, it is your duty to tell him so and to tell the faithful so as well. So I think I understand their situation a little better now. I don't share it, because, at least for now, I can ignore popes and their words just as easily as anyone else from the early Church to the 19th century, while attending TLM said by a priest with no canonical "issues". I am a layman. It is a hard time to be a priest. Harder to be a bishop. Hard to be a friar. Anyway, thanks. I guess you helped me understand something I could never understand.


I think you nailed it.  And yes, it's a hard time to be any kind of faithful Catholic-- a great time to win glory for God, though!

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