Rorate Caeli: Many FI priests petitioning to be relieved of pontifical vows
I still don't understand this notion of "if it's pastoral we can ignore it" regarding Vatican II. It is considered an ecumenical.Council of the Roman Catholic Church and was called for by a Saint, directed and guided by another soon to be saint (Paul VI) and implemented by another saint(John.Paul II). How can one simply ignore what was called for and orchestrated by saints and whose decrees have been implemented and put into force as basically the bedrock of everything for the last 60 years? What precedent do we have for ignoring ecumenical councils? Soon to be "saint" paul vi called Vatocan II "as big.or bigger than(or as important, can't remember which) as Nicea". Just because the word "pastoral" is used doesn't mean we.can simply ignore it. To do so and admit that these men were real popes and that this was a real ecumenical council seems temerarious at best. I'm just saying, doesn't seem to be anyway around it other than neo catholic acceptance of the consequences of the post conciliar reforms as good things or sedevavantism. Is this whole rejection of a council.and popes justified simply because of this idea of being "pastotal"? Not being flippant either, I'm really struggling with this. As you can see, as far as I'm concerned making these popes saints who surrounded the Counvik is a game changer; it automatically envelopes the last 60 years and the Council in a cloud and aura of extraordinary sanctity.   The credibility of Roman Catholicism (at my eyes, barring sedevacantism.which has it's own host of perplexities) is severely damaged by Vatican.II and the post conciliar aftermath. Is it really possible that all the wreckvation we see around us in everything from protestant style sacramental rites to architecture  to "saint" popes kissing korans will simply disappear? Can this evil council and the evil men who called it and pushed it's protestantizing,secularizing decrees actually be condemned some day, or must we act like the followers of a cult and accept as Catholic whatever is handed down to us by these men whose writings,actions and words in so many places flatly contradict pre conciliar doctrine,dogma,custom and tradition?

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