Rorate Caeli: Many FI priests petitioning to be relieved of pontifical vows
I disagree, formerbuddhist, though I appreciate all you have said here. Had this Council been one that was expressed in language that did not lend itself to ambiguity, there would me something to what you are saying. But you are talking about this Council as if it had been expressed and interpreted like most other councils, which is simply not the case. No one alive today can say what VII means. Its pastoral suggestions are meant to be suggestions. The last pope made it very clear that the whole thing had to be "interpreted" and this, within the hermeneutic of continuity. Therefore, if you want to consider the Council  as seriously binding in some way, you are told to interpret it in such a way that nothing in it is in contradiction with previous Magisterium. Therefore, we are instructed by the Church's highest authority to reject any interpretation of it which contradicts Tradition. If you  think the whole thing contradicts Tradition, in conscience you are to deem that the highest authority of the Catholic Church asks you to ignore it. If parts, then parts. I see nothing wrong with this. We put a bunch of brainy bishops together to have a Council for no right reason,  and, surprise, surprise, we got a crappy Council. The future will ignore this Council, or praise it as the occasion that led to so many clarifications later on that we all felt better about ourselves as having had a great learning experience. At least we will have learned how not to do it in future.

In addition, some groups have permission to simply follow the praxis of the pre-VII church. Therefore it is clearly possible to ignore it, except in those cases where there is no contradiction. In such cases, there shouldn't be a problem anyway.

And I don't think the SSPX would have a problem with any of this. Already they can ignore VII. They are not sedes. BUT, they would like the right to criticize VII and to correct or publicly disagree with bishops and/or cardinals and/or the Pope himself. This is the sticking point, I am sure. And yet, what could be more collegial than allowing everyone to have their say, allowing everyone to have "freedom of conscience" that the post-VII Church so loves? This is the same double standard we see everywhere else: The Nutty US nuns can continue their circus with some warnings, whereas the FFI are shut down. We are told not to judge gays, and I agree entirely, but we seem to be able to judge the SSPX. In civil society, we can bash the Catholic Church, but we cannot say a peep about Islam. This is a double standard that is running right through the world today, and the more worldly the prelates, the more double the standard is going to be. BXVI was not too worldly, so he tried to fix these things. I think BXVI was our last chance to get this fixed without a calamity of some sort.

God will not abandon His Church. Never. Therefore, if so many in the positions of power in the Church abandon Him, He will have no choice but to act decisively, for the sake of His little ones. Could be anything. Could be the pope dies soon. He's old, not too sane, has one lung, likes taking chances in large crowds . . . Could be something goes wrong at a WYD and we lose a whole bunch of prelates. Could be Rome gets nuked. Could be a plague. Could be a change of heart by a number of  cardinals who realize what they have done, and who make an alliance to effect a serious change next time. Whatever. Either way, He will not abandon His Church. I also believe it will be sooner rather than later, not because of prophecies or anything, but just because the Church is at a crossroads now, and there is a lot of danger about taking the wrong turn, and there are still a lot of good prelates out there who could help rebuild. Maybe I am naive. So be it. For now, we live. I got my children through the sacraments by skating around all kids of parish minefields, and we are still on track to have our eldest receive Confirmation this month, in the Traditional rite, by no less than a Cardinal of the Catholic Church. So there is still life and hope, and no need for despair . . . yet.

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