Rorate Caeli: Many FI priests petitioning to be relieved of pontifical vows
(05-17-2014, 02:27 PM)maldon Wrote: formerbuddhist,

I have no doubt that at some point the NO will be revisited and "reformed", and to do so they will go back to the 1962 missal and look to SC for one or two touches, but nothing more.
I am also given hope in the case of the change of heart that took place in Ratzinger, for it made him at least get to being BXVI, that is, a man with regrets for that younger, more foolish age, and that whole generation. We need more such changes of heart. And younger priests coming up with the TLM in dioceses are trying to figure this out, studying what happened at the Council and then what happened after, and what happened to Ratzinger. One of these men will one day be Pope, a Pope who sees there are only 2 roads with VII: Benedict's and Kung's. Right now we seem to have a pope who is like a Ratzinger without the change. So we must pray for him. And for his successors to come.

I absolutely disagree. I am certain the Novus Ordo will be abrogated completely in the future, after Our Lady's triumph. As with all the new rites. They cannot be reformed for they are poisoned to the core. We will go back to the TLM contained in the 1962 missal. If this is reformed, it will draw on previous pre-1962 editions, but none of the books that came after...none. So if anything, the future TLM will be even more trad than the 1962 missal. I am sure of it.

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