Rorate Caeli: Many FI priests petitioning to be relieved of pontifical vows
There are plenty within the Orthodox camp that are itching for their own "aggiornamento" and have been for a long time. The calender issue was the first win for Orthodox modernists and ecumenists, their own first major divide and conquer moment. Overall the Orthodox Church has historically been inward looking and jealous to guard tradition simply in order to hold on and keep their faith in the midst of ottoman and communist oppression and the isolation it brought. They also never had some central authority that could impose evil reforms from the top down the way us Catholics had and still have. Paradoxically the papacy and the unquestioning obedience to papal authority actually made the post conciliar chaos rather easy to enforce; if the pope says it we must do it; it MUST be for the good of the Church. At least that's what was thought. Paul VI used his authority to foist evil on Catholics everywhere and this loyalty and obedience to the pope and the bishops ran so deep most Catholics, even those formed before the Council, surrendered their faith, their rituals, their churches, their statutes and their understanding of Catholicism in a mere decade or more. The revolutionaries knew what they were doing and they did it well. The Orthodox don't have that central authority that can impose dubious reforms from on high. If any revolution is to occur. One should by now be able to see why the Orthodox are deeply skeptical of any reunion with Rome, even those that might otherwise be more friendly. Would union with Rome mean the papally sanctioned banalization and aggiornamento of their own liturgy and traditions? It didn't pass unnoticed to me that when Benedict XVI wrote Summorum Pontificum the Patriarch of Moscow took notice and said that if anything THAT document was good for Catholic/Orthodox ecumenism.

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